“There can only be one lion in the jungle” Mayweather challenges Khabib

Floyd Mayweather has told the specialized website TMZ Sports that he wants to fight the Russian cage fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. Mayweather was actually retired, but Nurmagomedov challenged him on Monday. The Russian knocked the famous Irish fighter Connor McGregor before.

“We are going to fight”, said 41-year-old Mayweather to TMZ. “I cannot speak for Khabib, but as far as I am concerned we can finalize the camp. I will keep a nine-digit check on it”, the American added in a fine tone. Mayweather does want the fight to take place within the rules of boxing. “He challenged me, so it’s up to him to enter my world.”

Mayweather won all 50 camps that he completed to date. His last game dates from 2017, when he knocked Connor McGregor, who was also put aside by Nurmagomedov. “Forward Floyd! Now it’s up to us to fight, 50-0 against 27-0. We are two men who never lose,” the Russian had challenged Mayweather earlier this week. “There can only be one lion in the jungle. Of course I am the lion.”

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