These Funny proverbs originated from animal behaviors

Some funny proverbs come from animal behaviors. But what is a proverb? One dictionary defines it as “a short sentence that people often quote, which gives advice or tells you something about life.”

In some part of tribes in Africa: The Igbo tribe of Nigeria define proverb as “Oil with which words are eaten.” The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria defines it more colorfully, calling it “a horse that can carry one swiftly to the discovery of ideas.” In contrast, the Hausa of Nigeria defines a proverb as the recipe for digesting talks.

The essential use of proverbs or proverbial sayings is captured in this sayings, well known to the Akan people of Ghana. “A wise person is spoken to in proverbs, not in prose.”

The point is that a wise person doesn’t always need a lecture to be convinced of the right thing to do. A fitting proverb stimulates thinking, imparts understanding, and can motivate one to do what is right, whether funny proverbs or not.

In Africa, proverbs are used profusely during marriage ceremonies and funerals and are featured in folkloric music. They are also indispensable in diplomatic discussions. A spokesman or an emissary often resorts to the skillful use of proverbs.

In the world society, skill in the use of proverbs is a hallmark of wisdom. Interestingly, in the Bible, King Solomon – a man famed for his knowledge, learning, and diplomacy – was credited with knowing 3,000 proverbs.

Below are the funny proverbs originated from animal behaviors:

  1. Toad does not run in the day time for anything.
  2. Eneke, the bird, said, I am flying without perching since men learn how to shoot without missing the target.
  3. The frowning face of a he-goat does not prevent the owner from taking him to market.
  4. If the hen leaves off chuckling with what will she train her chicks?
  5. Cows never complain that horn is too heavy on their head.
  6. The chameleon said that it would not forget the stylish walk which the fore-fathers taught him for the sake of famine.
  7. The bat said that her consciousness of her ugly nature made her move in the night.
  8. The bush is not good, but hen does not leave it.
  9. Until crab enters into soup-pot, it will never believe there are two kinds of water on earth.
  10. The evil hen committed during the dry season kills it during the rainy season.
  11. When a bird is flying without perching, the hunter learns to shoot without aiming.
  12. The joke of the dogs involves falling for each other.
  13. Hen eats corn, drink water, swallow pebbles, yet, it complains having no teeth.
  14. To invite lizard for a feast, fetch ant-infested firewoods
  15. Tuttle describes its life like an onion bulb. You peel off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.
  16. You don’t stay in kite’s nest and address it as a blind kite.
  17. When a mouse laughs out loud at a cat, know that a hole is nearby.
  18. Hens do not attend a celebration where the fox is the chairman.
  19. One who buys a nanny-goat invites he-goat to his house.
  20. The monkey said it could not vouch for the child in its back, but the one in the womb.
  21. The rabbits and crickets are the landlords.
  22. The fowl told that it had forgotten the process of urinating.
  23. There is no way that a bird will fly without its stomach being seen.
  24. All lizards are lying down; nobody knows the one suffering from stomach ache.
  25. The lizard said, I love to squat, but the long tail prevented me.
  26. The evil which the dog committed while pregnant made the puppies not to open their eyes when born.
  27. The cockroach cannot be innocent in a court presided over by the cock.
  28. The dove moves in pains because of denial.
  29. The sheep said there is nothing like staring.
  30. A stubborn grasshopper rests typically in the belly of the bird.
  31. The lizard said that an already discussed matter needs only nodding.
  32. A fowl that came new in a place normally stands with one leg.
  33. The fowl does not use two legs to stretch itself.
  34. The cricket said that at sunset, the yam would understand what it has done to itself.
  35. The gorilla does not abandon its usual style of wrestling.
  36. A relaxed fowl on a traveler’s head does not know the road is far.
  37. Too much wisdom made the sheep not to grown a horn.
  38. The crab that is bragging of escaping a trap should show his fingers.
  39. When the tiger’s leg becomes deformed, deers will request a death race of him.
  40. The crab told the children to walk straight, and the children asked to be shown an example.
  41. The tortoise is never lost in folk tales.
  42. Snail crawl through torn with a sweet tongue
  43. Tortoise said he always takes his dancing rattles on a journey as he doesn’t know what point to meet drummers.
  44. If not for soldier ants, who could have known that the sheep knows how to dance?

Take a deep breath on these above funny proverbs. They will motivate you, move you, but above all, they will especially make you smile.

Share them with your best friend, everyone you love. And especially those you want to put a smile on their faces.

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