This African life self

This African life is not fair, and life is not balanced. Yesterday, I went outside to receive fresh air, and I saw my neighbor trashing plenty of food that remain overnight. Meanwhile, his gateman did not eat and sleep the previous night. This life is not balanced, oh!

A graduate of a degree holders earns 50k per month, and spend about 30k for feeding, transportation and miscellaneous and his left with 20K to save. That is if he can save at all. Meanwhile, their Househelp without any certificate will earn 40k per month, and they have free accommodation, sweet food, and no transportation—this African life self.

Some people cannot afford education, yet they wish if their parents could send them to school. They end up hawking in the street to fend for themselves. Yet some rich men’s children will go to school and end up partying and joining secret courts wasting their parent’s money and their own time. Yet they will end up in a prominent position in different offices. At the same time, you that suffered many years and graduate with good grades still roaming the street looking for a better job. This African life is not balanced!

In Africa, if you raise your voice against your father, he will give you a gravitational knock on your head that will determine your height in the next ten years. But in the Western World, kids can even tell their parents to shut up, and their parents can do nothing about it. Because if you do “peeeem”, they will say to you: I will call 911. This African life self. Over there, they are giving their children so much power that they can’t even tell them what to do. So the only thing that can respect them and do as they say is their animals, their pets, thereby investing any amount on a dog or a cat.

This African life is not fair, and life is not balanced
This African life self

In Africa, they have started imitating western life in the African version. Some Africans know how to copy nonsense. People are suffering, they can’t eat or afford a one-square meal in a day. Yet, you can see people buying cat and dog foods advertising it on social media, telling their fans that their pets can feed well. Then, some gullible fans will be commenting as if their whole life depends on animal feeds. Hmm… Some even use goats as pets or even pigs, well this Africa life self

In the African lifestyle, cats and dogs hustle for themselves; they hunt for their foods and survive without the help of the owners. The cat will chase and catch rats that are in the house, but the one I saw on TV, the rat is his roommate and even scared of the rat, and they are buying food for the cat. This life is not balanced.

During the lockdown, while some people were thinking about how to survive and what to do and earn money. Some were complaining that their pet’s food is remaining small, and they need to spend more on buy their feeds. And yet, people were crying with hunger and asking for help. No! It shouldn’t pain you, its not your money. After all, my neighbor named his three dogs: Hustle hard, Mr. spender, and Who knows tomorrow. Anyway, those dogs eat leftover foods. If the man eats Garri, the dog will eat Garri. If he eats fufu, the dog will also eat it. In short, the dog will eat after they have finished eating, and someone is spending someone’s school fees in a one-week feeding dog—this African life self.

American movies are so exciting. In fact, as you’re watching it, everything keeps your eyes glued to your TV screen to see what will happen next. Unfortunately, our local honorable movies, you will know the end of the film from the beginning. Wait! Don’t you know that some African producers and moviemakers are a prophet? They prophesied the end of the movie from the start. Even the song will tell you what will happen at the end of the film.

The Western World and the rest have good governance and civilized lifestyles. Oppositely, we in Africa don’t have that good life. But we also don’t have all the catastrophes like the Tornado, Tsunami, Earthquake, Wildfire, Avalanche and the rest of them. This life is not balanced.

Some people are married for years and yet still looking for children. But, a boyfriend and girlfriend that just want to experiment some biological test will end up with twins. Don’t ask me what is the biological test, after all, china that the coronavirus started have resumed school. In contrast, school is still closed down in Africa that just borrowed the corona. You have seen that this life is not balanced.

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