Three children of Danish billionaire killed in Sri Lanka bombings

Three children of the Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen also died in the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Povlsen is the largest shareholder of clothing retailer Asos and owner of the Bestseller chain. Bestseller includes brands such as Vero Moda and Jack & Jones. The ages and names of Poulsen’s children who died have not yet been communicated.

Among the more than 290 deadly victims of the Sri Lanka bombings are the three children of the Danish billionaire. The spokesperson for clothing chain Bestseller confirms that it concerns the Three children of Anders Holch Povlsen (46) and his wife Anne Storm Pedersen (40). Eyewitness Kieran Arasaratnam told the BBC yesterday that he had seen “a Danish woman who lost three children”. “Pray for me, pray for me,” she cried.

Three children of Danish billionaire killed in Sri Lanka bombings

The family was on vacation in Sri Lanka and three of the four children of Anders and Anne Hoch Povlsen died in the attack on hotel Shangri-la in Colombo. The parents survived the terror attack. Three days before the attacks, daughter Alma shared a family photo of her sisters Astrid and Agnes with brother Alfred at the swimming pool on social media. She called them the “three little bears.”

Anders Holch Povlsen is the CEO of the clothing group Bestseller A/S, which his parents Troels Holch Povlsen and Merete Bech Povlsen founded in 1975. In Denmark, the group grew to the largest of its kind. Bestseller has around 2,780 stores in 70 countries and has 17,000 employees. The group recorded a turnover of 3 billion euros in the 2017/2018 financial year.

Anders Holch Povlsen is considered the richest man in Denmark. His assets are estimated at between 5 and 7 billion euros. He also acquired that wealth with shares in Asos and Zalando, among other things. The billionaire owns 89,000 hectares of land in Scotland, making it the largest private landowner in that country. An investment of more than 115 million euros in twelve estates. He fell in love with the Scottish Highlands after a vacation there during his childhood. Only recently had he announced that he would leave all his property to his children and that he would restore the Highlands to their full glory.

He does live in Denmark with his family, at the Constanstinsborg domain near Aarhus.

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