Tunisia worries about massive exodus of young engineers

“This figure is scary!”. The man who crumbles the black announcing that nearly 10,000 Tunisian engineers, mostly experts in computer and telecommunications, have deserted their country during the past three years, probably death in the soul, in order to escape endemic unemployment.

Oussam Kheriji, president of the Tunisian Engineers, who continues to sound the alarm on this brain drain, with its consequences, nothing to stop, despite his repeated calls to remedy it without delay.

Last Sunday, on the sidelines of a meeting with parliamentarians, he did not hide his deep concern about the mass unemployment that hits the pinnacle of young engineers in the country of Jasmine. Engineers whose number is constantly increasing each year and who, moreover, increasingly choose to train in private institutions, also increasing.

Faced with this alarming exodus of Tunisian talent, Osama Kherji calls for the creation of an independent accreditation body, which would be responsible for monitoring the quality of training in public and private institutions, while pleading to review the raise their salary grid. A condition sine qua non to curb this true haemorrhage that represents their mass departure to other eldorados.

In addition to Oussama Kherjifi’s legitimate concern, Mounir Maknia, President of the Council of the Medical Association, is equally justified in making this observation: nearly half of the practitioners recently enrolled in the Order in 2017, have gone elsewhere if the grass is greener.

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