Uganda: WhatsApp users will pay tax

Ugandan populations will now pay a fee for using WhatsApp. This decision of the government was imposed on the people who digest it badly.

From 1st July 2018, all users will have to pay a daily fee of 200 shillings, or $0.05. This new expense will be applied after Parliament’s consensus of a new law. According to the government, this is a way of moderating the insults of the people against Marc Zuckerberg and his associates.

“We are trying to fight the” gossip, “which is encouraged by these applications. These applications are also very important means of communication, but no one attaches importance to them,” said Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

In short, each citizen will pay each year an equivalent of 17 euros in addition to the purchase of Internet packages. It’s not just WhatsApp, these taxes will also apply to the following networks: Facebook, Viber and Twitter. But with the exception of WhatsApp, the other networks will be indirectly paying in the country.

Also, mobile money transactions will also be billed with a levy of 1% on the total value of each transaction. In addition, the country’s Minister of Communication is considering the plan to launch the development of a governmental social network for the country’s citizens.

Three MEPs joined the voices of citizens who were unhappy with this situation. These officials tax this “idiocy” of “double taxation”

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