“ugly shoes” are still fashionable and sweep in the 2019 season

The “ugly shoes” or ugly canvas are a trend that prevailed at the beginning of 2018 and still persists among the hits that follow in the next season. All luxury brands launched at least one model to the market, and prices -according to the firm- range between USD 40 and USD 1,500.

From Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada to H & M, Puma and Bershka, the luxury brands and the most popular low cost have in their new collections, some design of the ugly shoes. Among the most expensive is a new model presented by the Italian company Gucci. It is a limited edition that combines crystals embedded on a thick tape -which can be removed- and metallic-coloured leather. Its price? USD 1,500 and only sold in stores and not by the website of the brand.

One of the most viewed models in influencers and the street style of the Weeks of Fashion is Louis Vuitton. Its price is USD 1,090 and is available in several models, colours and designs. One of them is with the combination of monogram leather, different genres and coloured leather.

The controversial Balenciaga does not sell his shoes at an accessible price either. With USD 990 you can buy a pair. The well-known Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga was the pioneer in imposing this trend that revolutionized the world of fashion. The first were traditional without many details: they were of different colours and the distinctive they had was to show the waist at the tip. However, over time they bet more. They created a model with an air chamber.

In the collection of the Italian firm in collaboration with Fila – with whom he drew an exclusive line that includes divers, T-shirts and pants – the shoes took centre stage. With air chamber, different colours of leather, black laces and Fila typography, are on sale at USD 950.

The Italian firm Prada bet more. Not only does it have slippers in neutral colours such as white, black and gray, but it also has a fluorescent, pastel and combination line. Another model considered as ugly shoe is the bootie “high top”. Its price? USD 750.

Zara offers the ugly model at USD 109. The Spanish fast fashion has in its collection 2019 classic models at a relatively affordable price compared to the other firms. They have black with a combination of pastel and gray colours and another model with red, turquoise and zebra animal print details.

Puma also launched an ugly shoe that adapts to running. The “Thunder Electric” are from a capsule collection in collaboration with McQueen. Using different types of leather, colours and rubber for the sole, they are already a record in sales and are available in the e-shop at USD 100.

Topshop, the British fast fashion giant, is always at the forefront and follows fashion trends. Their “ugly slippers”, unlike luxury brands, have an affordable price. They cost USD 65 and the models they present in their collection are of various colours. They call them “Chicago Bubble” and combine animal print prints of python or suede.

Bershka considers his models of ugly shoes as shoes that are also suitable for sports. The heel height is 8 centimetres and the platform are 3. The price of the Spanish one is USD 40, being one of the cheapest. The design is combined with rubber and leathers in pink and turquoise. The detail? The laces combined with black.

At the same price – USD 40 – the Swedish H & M recreated this trend of the ugly shoes with its low-cost version. Combining suede, faux leather, red and white rubber, is one of the models that are for sale in the e-shop and its stores. Another detail that makes the difference is that of the braided cords.

Suede leather, suede, net and plastic, the accessible model of the Dutch (H & M)

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