UK: Muslims rally to offer Christmas meal to poor people

In Blackburn, Lancashire’s leafy county, as the holiday season draws near, the Christmas spirit reigns in the streets and cottages, and spreads to local mosques, thrilling the charity fiber of the faithful.

Under the leadership of the Jaame Mosque authorities and in close collaboration with the Al-Imdaad Foundation, a large fundraising campaign was launched to supply their food bank, and prepare hundreds of packed lunches for the poor of all origins and confessions.

Supported by eight local mosques and nine Muslim organizations. This zakat of Christmas, rich in beautiful emotions and hands extended to its neighbor, weakened by the vicissitudes of life, deeply touched the inhabitants of the city. And also, strengthened links with the Christian community.

At the same time imbued with the essential values advocated by Islam – compassion, generosity and solidarity with the most deprived. And the spirit that animates the great Christian holiday and exalts good feelings. The initiative of the mosques of Blackburn made happy before the hour in the whole region.

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