Our underwears are “Spiritually fortified” – 2 ladies boast in public

Our underwears are “Spiritually fortified!” Two ladies went on social media to mock the “Yahoo Boys” and spiritualists against the growing threat of pants theft that has shaken the country, Nigeria, for some time now.

Cases of stolen underwears are on the rise, with many of these stories becoming viral, as there are more and more stories that women are losing their pants under the threat of firearms.

The girls photographed themselves while removing their lingerie on the road. They called it “spiritually fortified” as they signaled to the pants theft to do their worst.

In an interview last month on the theft of underwear. A lady identified as Akinpelu Boluwatife said she was now more cautious about where she hangs her pants. The news of the disappearance of underwear-clothes

now being common.

Our underwear are "Spiritually fortified" - 2 ladies boast in public

She said she had already joined the movement of ladies who no longer wear lingerie because of the situation.

“The fear of these spiritualists forced us to wear no more lingerie, to be safer. After performing rituals on the underwear, women may begin to bleed or vomit blood. Since the news reached my friends and me, we stopped putting on pants and we did not stay out late at night,” she said.

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