University professor says bible is fake, full of plagiarism

A professor at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Dr. Obadele Kambon called the Bible a fake book based entirely on plagiarized texts, lies and deceptions.

Concepts from Egyptian books

According to Dr. Obadele, biblical concepts, doctrines and text have been copied from the “text of the Egyptian pyramid”, the “texts of the coffin”, and the “instruction of Amenemope” which form the oldest spiritual texts of the world.

“They form the sources of Christian concepts like the death and resurrection of the holy saviour, the Immaculate Conception, the idea of judgment after death,” adding that the Ten Commandments derive from Maat, an African ethical and moral system that has been invented.

He stated this on Xlive Africa’s “Good morning Africa” last week.

Defending his words, he argues: “We can still read it because it’s engraved in stones. More than 5000 years ago, there is a representation of the Immaculate Conception in the Temple of Seti I, Imhotep overseeing the birth of the “saviour” in the temples in Kemmet (Egypt).

Adulteration of the real story was made during the Hyksos (people of mixed race of Europe and Asia) invasion of Egypt in 1700 BC.

Dr. Kambon quoted direct imitations of ancient texts in the Bible with examples from Amenomope chapter 6: “Do not remove the landmark of the boundaries of the field…. and do not break the limit of widows” was copied in proverbs 23 vs: 10 as “Do not move the old milestone, and do not enter the field of orphans”.

In addition, Amenomope chapter 1 “Give your ears, hear the words that are said, give your heart to interpret them” copied in proverbs 23:12 as “Open your heart to instruction, and your ears to the words of knowledge”.

In addition, he said, “Take the history of the separation of the sea for example and you can find that in the history of the golden lotus that goes back to Seneferu who was the father of Khufu who built the great pyramid of the 4th dynasty”

You have to get away from fairy tales

The professor added that the translations were made from the Egyptian text to Hebrew and words like Yah, an Egyptian deity of the moon formed the root of the Hebrew god ‘Yaweh’. He finally encourages Africans to move away from beliefs and fairy tales to deal only with historical documentations.

“Our proofs are engraved in stone unlike Christians who are unable to sustain their stories” and to learn more because “all the problems we talk about in our society is the calculated and final result of an intentional process to not to let you know anything as an African”.

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