US no longer lends sniffer dogs to Egypt and Jordan

For the time being, America no longer lends sniffer dogs to police teams in Jordan and Egypt. This happens after an investigation report, which showed that the animals are not treated well; the last few months, seven of the dogs have died.

The US has been lending the dogs, which are trained to detect explosives, to at least eight different countries for years. They are used for border surveillance under a special anti-terrorism program. There are currently about 135 dogs at work.

For the time being, however, no new dogs are going to Egypt and Jordan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided yesterday. Several sniffer dogs died in both countries, among other things, because of sunstroke or poisoning. The investigation committee also found malnourished dogs among the Jordanian police teams. This was not a dog that had been lent by the US. ‘American’ dogs seemed to get better food.

Zoe received heat stroke

In 2017, Zoe, a two-year-old Malinois, died after the dog got sunstroke while working along the Jordan/Syrian border. Another shepherd got a syringe after being sick by a tick. The research report, which already appeared in September, states that ‘heat diseases are the result of neglect and insufficient care’.

In addition, several malnourished dogs were found, to the dismay of the committee. They did note, in American eyes, a slight improvement: “The Jordanians have improved the quality of dog food and purchased food containers. They are no longer throwing food on the ground”’.

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