USA: Woman hospitalized after swallowing her husband’s condom

The story took place in Nevada, North America. A woman was in intensive care after swallowing her husband’s condom.

You find that weird, is not it? This 37-year-old lady is close to death, thanks to the expertise of doctors.

The 30-year-old had swallowed a condom while she was having oral sxx with her husband. This night of passion almost came to a drama.

Asked after her hospitalization by the media, the young woman explains that it was a lack of coordination between her and her husband. “It was my husband’s fault, I do not do oral sex, I tried and I almost choked because he did not warn me and he wanted to use the condom.”

The man very embarrassed about this situation has taken responsibility for this unusual case. He also thanked God because the worst was avoided.

“Whenever we do it, even if it’s not often, we let one thing go at a time. I wear the condom. But yesterday I put it without her noticing. Fortunately, the condom got stuck in her throat leaving a small hole for a difficult breathing, which gave her enough time to save it,” he added

The story of Mr. and Mrs. X must serve you as a lesson. Be careful ladies, especially wives to where you put your mouth!

Source: elitespress

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