Warm weather causes many mosquitoes with huge blood hunger

An exceptionally large number of mosquitoes are flying around the country during this time of the year. Due to the warm weather, they are ready for a fifth, sixth or perhaps the seventh leg, explains an insect expert.

They dance in the garden again, the male mosquitoes in search of a female. The only purpose of the male, recognizable by their feathery antennae, is to fertilize the female. “The fact that there are still so many males, indicates that there are also many fertile female mosquitoes and those females have a huge blood hunger”, says insect expert Leendert-Jan van der Ent of the Dutch Entomological Society.

That the mosquitoes cannot be saved has a simple reason: the warm weather. “As a result, new generations of males and females are now being added. A lot of insects suffer from the long, hot summer period.

They fly through until late in the year or are completely upset and produce, in addition to a spring generation, an autumn generation. Normally it stops in the summer, but now we also see a peak in the autumn.”

Van der Ent expects the mosquitoes to stay busy for a while. The mosquito season also started a month earlier because of the warm spring. “So they are at their sixth or maybe even seventh leg,” says Van der Ent smiling. “It is bad luck if you live in a wetland area, but well… We are also fortunate that it is still very nice weather. And males do not stab, you see a lot now. They are only difficult when you are driving through a swarm or when they are buzzing at night.”

If it stays that warm, you have to close your windows at night, then the bloodthirsty females will show up. “If the next week suddenly starts to freeze – I name it – then it stops.”

For those who really want to get rid of those buzzing stuffed animals in the coming period, there are plenty of grandmothers’ house, garden and kitchen tips available. Wrap the lavender plant in the garden and place a bunch in the bedroom. Mosquitoes abhor this air. The same applies to a pile of mint leaves. Or use the moderate flying technique of the plugs and place a fan. They will avoid the airflow.

Moreover, mosquito nets have been tested. What also makes a difference, is the occurrence of stagnant water because the eggs are laid in for a new generation. There are also many anti-mosquito sprays or tips on the market.

According to climatologists, it is likely that hot and dry summers will follow more often. It is therefore not inconceivable that the stinging mosquito will stay with us for the next year as well.

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