What are the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The Apostle Paul mentions spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. Although they are very similar to talents, spiritual gifts have one essential feature: they are given to all believers by the Holy Spirit, the moment they place their faith in Christ.

Here is the list of the 9 spiritual gifts mentioned by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12 :

3 categories of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit

1. Gifts of speech

  1. Word of wisdom: this gift is materialized by a sudden revelation of a solution to a problem or a complex situation. It is a word that comes at the right time and often has the purpose of helping and encouraging one’s neighbor.
  2. Word of knowledge: God supernaturally communicates to a person knowledge concerning someone’s situation or a fact hidden from our natural perception.
  3. Discernment of spirits: as its name indicates, it allows us to identify the author of a supernatural manifestation or to know the nature of the Spirit that inspires, animates, agitates, or torments a person.

2. Gifts of power

  1. Gift of faith: communicated by the Holy Spirit, it consists in pronouncing a word, a command, or a command with authority.
  2. Gift of healing: its purpose is to rescue, comfort, and restore those who are afflicted by illness by showing men that the one who heals them is not man but Jesus Himself.
  3. Gifts of miracle: it is the power granted by the Holy Spirit to perform powerful and supernatural acts, such as those of Jesus.

3. Gifts of inspiration

  1. Gift of prophecy: to prophesy is to transmit a message received from God to a person.
  2. Gift of tongues: speaking in tongues is a mysterious spiritual language. Only God can understand it (or those able to interpret it). Speaking in tongues is a gift that is practiced in our personal relationships, but it can sometimes be manifested in an assembly. It must then be translated.
  3. Gift of interpretation of speaking in tongues: when a person begins to speak in tongues in an assembly, the Holy Spirit can give the person or a third party the ability to translate it.

How does the Spirit give these gifts?

All these gifts are given according to the will of God. They are not chosen because the Holy Spirit distributes them.

Are spiritual gifts and natural talents related?

Talent is either innate or the fruit of work. A spiritual gift is the result of the power of the Holy Spirit. Every human being can be endowed with talent. But spiritual gifts are only for Christians. However, some of our spiritual gifts may be related to our quality. For example, if you are a wise person with good advice, and many people turn to you with their problems, perhaps you have received the gift of the Word of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

Can we use our spiritual gifts for anything other than God?

Our talents can serve us in the world and help us choose our profession and hobbies. But unlike them, spiritual gifts have been given to build up the Church of Christ. In this sense, we are all called to add our stones to the building of the Gospel. God has equipped us for His service to proclaim the Good News everywhere in the world (Ephesians 4:12).

I don’t have a spiritual gift, what can I do?

It is not because you do not know your gift or that you cannot detect that you are not gifted. All Christians, without exception, receive a spiritual gift. If you don’t know your gift, pray fast that God will reveal it to you.

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