What is the man?

Man is the most perfect of cosmic manifestations, the being which gathers all the characteristics of other beings, animals and birds, those who crawl and those who fly.

The man is the brightest star and at the same time the sun that hides and lends its light to the moon. Man is the darkness that emanates from the light and the light that emanates from the darkness.

Man is the being who brings together the lands and seas, the incarnation of the Sacred Book. Look in you, mountains symbolize your heart, cleanse it is your fight.

What is the man? Why does the eye see, the ear hear? Why does the skin feel freshness and warmth? Why does the nose perceive odors and never get tired? The answer is in you!!!

Man is the being to whom the Royal Mantle has been awarded. It is in him that one perceives the light and it is in him that hides the darkness. The sky symbolizes your knowledge, hover there and you will be victorious.

Man is the catalyst of all energies and yet weak because of his ignorance. Be in the sea of ​​oneness, only then you will be able to contemplate the face of the One.

Man is the junction between the celestial and the terrestrial, his spirit is the source that never dries up. Try to know you, the angels glorify your name, the singing bird praises you.

All that is on earth belongs to you, nothing must resist you, be like you must be and everything will be easy for you. Awaken the light that is in you and you will shine, be an infallible being.

All knowledge is in you, you must not have problems. You have all the means, you choose your way. Man can be nothing but man, neither more nor less, rise and shine with all your lights. Lift your head, everything will be fine if you believe it.

Nothing is equal to man, it is light in the true sense of the term. Go, show them who you are and what you are capable of because you are the quintessence of all the lights.

The man is a complete being in essence, remains to be it by existence, go, assert yourself!!!

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