Who is the author of the massacre in the New Zealand mosque

The attacker of the shooting in a Christchurch mosque identified himself as Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old white man born in Australia. The attacker transmitted the shooting on Facebook Live for 17 minutes and posted a “manifesto” online explaining the racist and xenophobic motives of the attack.

“I’m just a common white man, from a normal family that has decided to take a stand to ensure the future of its people,” he wrote.

Twitter has closed a user account with that name.

The live broadcast began when Tarrant drove to the Al Noor mosque, parking his Subaru Beige van. On the front seat were weapons and ammunition. Then he armed himself and entered the mosque, with the first victim being shot at the door.

The gunman was armed with at least one semiautomatic firearm and multiple clips of ammunition. Messages written in white were scribbled on the gun and ammunition.

Who is the author of the massacre in the New Zealand mosque

Once inside, he began firing indiscriminately. Then he left the mosque by the main gate, after a little less than three minutes inside and went to the street, firing random shots as the cars passed by. “It seems that today we are not going to catch the bird, boys,” he says at that moment.

Then he went back into the mosque to check if there were survivors and started firing again. When the armed man left the mosque the second time, he repeatedly shot a woman in the street.

Who is the author of the massacre in the New Zealand mosque
©AP – The alleged attacker before initiating the attack

He got into his car and drove off at full speed.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, confirmed that Tarrant is Australian.

“I can confirm that an individual who has been taken into custody, as I have been informed, was born in Australia,” said Morrison, who said Australian security agencies are collaborating in the police investigation.

“We are horrified, dismayed, outraged and absolutely condemn this attack committed today by a violent right-wing extremist terrorist,” added the Australian leader, who showed his solidarity with the New Zealanders.

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