Why many women in the United Kingdom deeply love Nigerian men

One of the Singer in Nigeria Music Industry has disclosed reason some countries in European continent deeply fall in love with Nigeria blokes.

According to the booming singer who at the present time control between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, said during an interview on Saturday, that contrary to popular belief that Nigerian young men misunderstand abroad, British women love them and wanted to maintain relationship with Nigerians.

The singer, Gee4 of his stage name, has a male kid with a lady in UK, told the Beat that British ladies prefer to date men from Nigeria because of their affectionate lifestyle.

According to the Singer: “They love Nigerian men in the UK, Nigerians do not disrespect or think we’re all swindlers. Many people I know like to spend time with me because I’m from Nigeria. They think Nigerians know how to take care of women, especially the Yoruba men, and they know that we are talented, hard-working and passive.”

Although the reward for his music is being gradually rewarded, he told Saturday Beats that his childhood was not optimistic because he had lost his mother at the age of six and his father was never there for him.

“I lost my mother very young, at exactly six years old, and I did not grow up knowing my father, I was raised by my grandmother, my mother died after a brief illness, I am happy with my father, he loves my music and he is proud of me”.

He continues… “The fact that I did not grow up with my parents inspired me a lot because it was difficult for me at that time, but it taught me to work hard.”

“I lived with my grandmother so far in 2001, when she passed away, I was still in high school, I had to grow doing odd jobs like painting, selling phones in Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos, etc. A trip with no problems for me at all. I had to do many things to survive. Sometimes I did not go to school for three weeks because I was working to make a living, but I am grateful to God for my current situation,” said Gee4.

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