Why Muslims are better than Christians – Bishop Explains

Sam Zuga, the bishop of House of Joy Church in Gboko, State of Benue, Nigeria has on his official Facebook page explained why he believes that Muslims are better than Christians.

Read below what he shared….


Mohammed was born in 571 AD, Jesus Christ is 571 years older than Muhammad, how come Muslims compete with Christians in the population?

People respond more to Mohammed’s name in the world than Emmanuel.

The Quran has only one version, which you can translate into another language, the Bible has more than ten versions in English.

Muslims pray five times a day, some Christians pray only once a week at the church, others do not even pray at all. True Muslims read and know the Bible more than many Christians, but many Christians do not even have a Bible. Muslims can pray in any mosque they see, Christians can not even enter certain churches.

From the moment you are Muslim, you can be accepted and shown love where Muslims are, Christians will ask you which church are you from? If you do not mention the name of his church, he abandons you.

I was accepted to give free medical treatment in many mosques and preached among many Muslims. Many Muslims attend my church programs all over the world, some even come to the headquarters of our church in Gboko, Christians can not do that.

From the moment you mention God in your speech, a Muslim will believe you and pay attention, he will introduce you to the other Muslims and whatever he says about you, they will believe it.

When you mention the name of God to a Christian, you become a suspect in his eyes, because he will call the council of elders to interview you to know the type of God you are talking about, whether it is a god of the Catholic Church, Anglican, Living Faith or Deeper.

Muslims have factions like Christians, but if you do not deepen them, you will not know it, but Christians condemn themselves publicly. You can not hear about false imams as you hear about fake pastors.

When Muslims fast, the whole world knows it. When a miracle is done in the name of Jesus, Muslims believe it’s God, some Christians will say it’s by the power of the devil. I was going to Keffi in Nassarawa State as a Christian preacher, the Muslims were sitting under the sun from 10am until I arrived at 5pm, nobody even went to urinate, because if you do, somebody one will occupy your place.

I marked the city of Minna in the state of Niger, the Muslims were at the forefront to welcome me. The Imam leader came to the exhibition grounds to greet me, the president of the CAN and his cabinet were not present.

Muslims kneel to worship, in many churches, kneeling is embarrassing. Muslims respect the men of the Christian clergy, but Christians do not even respect their pastors.

Muslims obey their rulers, although the Imam says, he is obeyed, but the Christians discuss with their pastors and sometimes even engage in fights.

You can not see Muslim imams publicly arguing for the Koran as Christian pastors do it in the Bible. No matter what the Muslims want to do, they will remain united and fulfill it, the Christians are not united.

The first and last hundred thousand naira I received in my life as a gift was given to me by a Muslim since I started the treatment mission.

There is no Muslim who does not believe in Jesus Christ. I pray for the Muslims in the name of Jesus without any fight. I have more reasons but let me stop here.

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