Woman wants 5 million pounds from 2014 EuroMillions winner

A Brit who won 108 million pounds (122 million euros) with EuroMillions in 2014 has a secret son. At least that is what Liam’s mother claimed is now eighteen years old. Mama Dawn Scully speaks of a striking resemblance and thinks that her son is entitled to at least five million pounds (5.6 million euros). Lotto winner in question Neil Trotter says he neither knows nor remembers the woman.

Enrolling a process to enforce a paternity test is a far too costly matter for mother Dawn, so she approached Trotter herself via Facebook. The woman from London Orpington is struggling to make ends meet. The cleaning lady already had several bailiffs on the floor for overdue rent. She thinks that Liam is strikingly similar to the lotto winner.

The woman claims to have met him in 1998. It led to a flashing light relationship of one year. Scully was at that time a servant in a cafe in the Morden district of London while Trotter worked as a car mechanic for three kilometres. In May 1999, a few weeks before the break, she became pregnant. Mama Dawn says that the contact then quickly diluted. Her son Neil was born on February 25, 2000. With the birth certificate the name of the father was left open. Dawn was 21 when she became a single mother.

Baby photos sent
The woman says she has sent some baby photos to the garage where Trotter was working. It led, according to mum Dawn Scully, to a short telephone conversation in which the man told him to abandon paternity. “I told you that I do not see any more children there, I wish you all good fortune”, the man would have said. Until the version of the single mother.

Lotto winner Neill himself, denies having had a relationship with Dawn Scully. “I may have met her, but I have met so many people. It’s nineteen years ago,” he said to the newspaper The Mirror. “I get harassed on Facebook every time by people like Scully. It seems like I am the father of a million children in this country. Everyone wants a part of my money.” He also denies calling Scully ever.

Son Liam was raised by his mother and grandmother (64). He saw his supposed father for the first time on a photo that appeared in the British press after the 2014 win. Trotter is there with his girlfriend to empty a bottle of champagne. Scully then approached the brand-new millionaire for the first time. She asked him for five million pounds (out of court) and would leave him alone once and for all. Trotter did not respond to this.

DNA test
Scully is now trying to obtain a paternity test via the British media. But that does not happen to Trotter. “If I do that, then I have to relinquish DNA samples on the conveyor belt”, says Trotter in The Mirror. The lotto win has given the man a lot of misery to his own. “People stalk me for everything. I owe them for this and that money, while I have no debts with anyone. Winning Euromillions is the worst thing that ever happened to me ‘all media’ put lotto winners in a bad light. No wonder that new winners try to stay anonymous at all costs.”

Source: The Morror, daily record

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