Women attend church with sticks to flog “spiritual husbands”

The picture of the congregation of women inside a church, holding different sizes of sticks in other to flog “spiritual husbands,” that reportedly tormenting and hindering them not to marry, has generated lots of controversies.

In Africa, the institution of marriage is highly regarded and a lot of pressure is put on women to find a husband. This is the main reason many women make enormous sacrifices to “keep” their husbands in order to be respected in society.

Some African women believe that marriage is one of the greatest achievement of being women while some think otherwise.

The spirit spouse is one of the most widespread elements of shamanism, distributed through all continents and at all cultural levels. Often, these spirit husbands/wives are seen as the primary helping spirits of the shaman, who assist them in their work and help them gain power in the world of spirit.

A photo that is currently circulating on the Internet shows what appears to be a church congregation filled with women holding sticks and praying earnestly while a woman who seems to be the leader/pastor recommends and instructed them on what to do.

According to Facebook user Nwobi Zuby Kingsley, who shared the photo, the women used these sticks to beat their spiritual husbands who believe they prevent them from getting married and starting a family.

He writes in a caption: “Seeking a husband and wielding canes to flog spiritual husbands.

The fight is real !!!.”

Women attend church with sticks to flog “spiritual husbands”

There are also many reportedly stories of women who have intimate relationships with unknown men in their dreams, only to wake up and notice the blood coming out of their private. These spirits are generally considered as marine (Spirit spouse).

Spirit spouse

They believed it brings destruction, evil power and hatred to marriage without compassionate and ruthless.

They considered these spirits as the most dangerous. Even though, most people do not believe in their existence and therefore tend to ignore signs. Yet, they considered the nonbeliever as those suffering in silence while the evil continues to devour their souls.

“Although spiritual problems are not as obvious as material problems, they can do much more harm and must be solved, otherwise, they would turn your personal life into a nightmare,” says Tele-evangelist.

Now the question is: Do you believe in spiritual husbands? If yes how to get rid of it? Is it by flogging them?

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