World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better

During our lifetime, we dream for approximately six years, which is the equivalent of about two hours per night. But where do our dreams come from? How can we explain them? And can we really send them if we want to?

Thanks to this dream team of apps and podcasts, you will soon be an expert in the field.

Train your lucid dreams

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better

Do you have Android? Then you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for with the Awoken app. That app trains you in getting lucid dreams. With those kinds of dreams, you realize that you are dreaming, and you have control over it.

This way, you can also steer your dreams in any direction you want. To know if you are in a lucid dream, you do a “reality check”. That is a test by which you can convince yourself that you are dreaming. You can do that by performing an impossible action in your dream, such as breathing underwater or moving objects without touching them.

Some are naturally better at ludic dreams, but you can learn it too. The app has been around for several years now and still gets nothing but positive reviews.

Find out what your dreams mean

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better

Wondering what that wet dream about your colleague or dream about that fight with monsters means? With the Dream Moods app, you will find out what they are trying to tell you. You just search for the keywords that came up in your dream, after which you are explained what he wants to say.

Discover why you dream

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better
©Unpopular Culture

In the American podcast Unpopular Culture, psychotherapist Michael Drane immerses himself in a wide variety of subjects every week. In the 31st episode of this podcast, Drane visits psychologist Kirk Honda, and the two discuss why we dream, where our dreams come from and what use they can be.

Unpopular Culture: the psychology of dreams & dream analysis, can be heard for free via Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Enjoy better dreams with the right sounds

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better
©Dream: ON

Would you like better dreams? Then the ‘Dream: ON’ app is definitely worth a try. The app was developed by psychologist Richard Wiseman and monitored your sleep. As soon as the app detects that you are dreaming, it will play ‘soundscapes’.

These are sounds specially designed to evoke pleasant images while you dream. You can choose a scenario or situation yourself, such as a trip to the beach or a walk in the woods. Afterward, the app will ask you to provide a description of your dream.

Find out everything you didn’t know about dreams

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better

Why can’t we remember our dreams? Do men dream differently from women? And why are our dreams always so strange? Scientists are discovering more and more about dreams. What exactly, you will find out all in this podcast from New Scientist.

Keep track of your dreams

World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better
©Capture – Explore your dreams

In this app, you can keep a detailed record of your dreams: just like in a physical dream diary, you can write down exactly what you dreamed, what happened in it, and where it happened.

In addition, you can also rate your dream and analyze it. In short, a very interesting app that will keep you busy for hours.

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