World: Top 10 most livable cities (2018 report)

The Economist Intelligence Unit establishes each year a ranking of metropolises where life is good.

Leading for seven years, the south-eastern city of Australia Melbourne has been dethroned.

The Economist Intelligence Unit establishes this ranking (The Global Liveability Index 2018) according to 30 qualitative and quantitative factors distributed in several categories.

Cities are judged by their stability, the level of health care and education, the cultural offer, and the quality of the environment and infrastructure they provide to their inhabitants.

Lagos State, Nigeria, has been ranked third among the most uncomfortable cities for humans, according to the latest World Viability Index of 2018. This is despite improvements in infrastructure by the Nigerian government in Lagos. A new survey by the London Economist Intelligence Unit was not so impressed that it ranked it among the five worst cities where it is unpleasant to live.

Lagos was ranked third of the five worst cities, better than Damascus and Dhaka. The Pakistani cities of Karachi and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea ranked fourth and fifth.

In contrast, the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, has been integrated into global cities where long-term improvements have been made. Hanoi, Belgrade and Tehran recorded the biggest improvements in quality of life over the last five years – more than five percentage points, according to the report.

At the new annual survey, the capital of Austria, Vienna, beat Melbourne, Australia and was ranked as “the most pleasant city in the world”.

The annual chart is compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which identifies the best urban playgrounds to live and work in.

Vienna scored a 99.1 “almost ideal”, beating Melbourne in second place with 98.4. The Japanese city Osaka took third place.

Summary of the ranking:
1. Vienna (Austria)

2. Melbourne (Australia)

3. Osaka (Japan)

4. Calgary (Canada)

5. Sydney (Australia)

6. Vancouver (Canada)

7. Tokyo (Japan)

7. Toronto (Canada)

9. Copenhagen (Denmark)

10. Adelaide (Australia)

At the bottom of the scale, the top 10 least ranked cities:
131. Dakar (Senegal)

132. Algiers (Algeria)

133. Douala (Cameroon)

134. Tripoli (Libya)

135. Harare (Zimbabwe)

136. Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)

137. Karachi (Pakistan)

138. Lagos, Nigeria

139. Dhaka (Bangladesh)

140. Damascus (Syria)

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