WWE: Check out the ranking of the highest paid wrestlers in 2018

We know the salaries of the 20 highest paid wrestlers in the world while the superstars crush the competition despite a small resistance among women.

Party of the UFC to find the WWE, we understand the choice of Brock Lesnar. The physical phenomenon that has just signed a new contract is the highest paid wrestler in the world.

According to The Mirror, based on slightly different information from Forbes, it is worth $12 million a year! He also receives $500,000 per main event and $100,000 on the sale of accessories.

The Second, John Cena is at $8.5 million with $500,000 per main event and 5% of accessories sales.

In women, Ronda Rousey, fresh from the UFC is first with “only” 1.5 million dollars. A pretty low sum a priori since she had hit at least $3 million in her last fight at UFC 207.


1] Brock Lesnar $12 million
2] John Cena $8.5 million
3] Roman Reigns $5 million
4] Randy Orton $4.5 million
5] AJ Styles $3.5 million
6] Seth Rollins $3 million
7] The Miz $2.5 million
6] Triple H $2.5 million
8] Undertaker $2.5 million
9] Dean Ambrose $2 million
10] Kevin Owens $2 million
11] Dolph Ziggler $1.5 million
12] Sheamus $1 million
13] Jeff Hardy $1 million
14] Bray Wyatt $1 million
15] Finn Balor $1 million
16] Jinder Mahal $900,000
17] Kane $900,000
18] Big Show $850,000
19] Samoa Joe $800,000

In women

1] Ronda Rousey $1.5million
2] Charlotte Flair $550,000
3] Nikki Bella $350,000
4] Alexa Bliss $350,000
5] Mickie James $300,000

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