Young African settled in Canada wins twice the lottery jackpot

A young African settled in Canada wins twice the lottery jackpot in five months.

Canada seems to be bringing good luck to Melhig Melhig, a young West African boy living in Winnipeg.

In less than a semester, he won twice the jackpot at a scratch game and each time for a value greater than a million dollars.

In April, Melhig Melhig bought a scratch ticket and won $1.5 million. A lot of luck since 900,000 tickets had been issued!

In August, luck smiled on him again at the same scratch game. This time he pockets two million dollars after drawing the winning ticket on 1.3 million.

For a new millionaire, the tickets do not turn heads at Melhig Melhig. With his first jackpot, he had bought a house for his wife and children.

With the last two million he has just cashed, he intends to build a future and to start he decided “to go to school”!

“I want to improve my English (and) learn something useful, such as carpentry,” said the young man, at the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC).

Here is probably a good way to spend millions after having had a chance twice.

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