YouTuber deliberately sets fire to his new Mercedes-AMG

A Russian Instagram influencer and YouTuber has parked his Mercedes AMG GT 63S 4-door coupe in a meadow, doused it with gasoline, and lit it. The car, costing at least 230,000 dollars, burned to the ground.

According to the owner, Russian YouTube star Mikhail Litvin (26), he had several times encountered problems with the 639 hp V8 engine of his black Mercedes. Litvin said he was dissatisfied with the way his mechanic had handled the repairs and so the car had to burn.

According to various sources, his four-door coupé const antly broke down, and the dealer did not want to do anything to correct the problems. He would have taken his car to the garage five times already, but each time the dealer would have found excuses not to repair the vehicle or to leave his car for a few weeks without doing anything about it.

Publicity stunt?

Litvin claims he sent a message to Mercedes-Benz and then parked his AMG GT 63 S on a wet lawn and set fire to a gas trail across the wet grass. The dramatic video ends when the owner drives away in a blue-green Lada that appears to have a minor engine problem as well.

Whether it was a voluntary act out of sheer annoyance or just a publicity stunt, we may never know. The fact is that the arsonist has more than 11 million followers on Instagram and four million on YouTube and that this action will not decrease it.

The video has already been viewed more than six million times within 24 hours, and when it continues, the ad revenue will quickly increase towards the amount the Mercedes has cost.

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