Yoweri Museveni criticized the “Indian” hair of Miss Africa

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni criticized the new Miss Africa, Quinn Abenakyo, for “wearing Indian hair”. But some twitter users failed not to ignore his advice but mocked him while some praised his observation.

The Ugandan national was sensitized by her president to “keep her hair natural, African”.

“Abenakyo is indeed a great and beautiful daughter of Musoga. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair. I encouraged her to keep her hair natural and African. We must show African beauty in its natural form,” president Museveni tweeted.

His remarks divided opinion on Twitter. Some supported the president while others drew attention to his own capillary potential.

“Too much has been said by a man without hair ………kitalo” launches a Twitter user.

“But why don’t you keep your natural hair, Mr. President, so that you can promote African natural hair as well and be exemplary. This is the time when you kept the “Afro” that I miss, Mr. President” mocked a netizen.

“I agree with you Mr. President on this point, she must keep her hair natural to represent true African beauty. After all, she’s already a winner.”

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  1. I totally agree with you, Mr. President. African women should be proud of their God-given “natural beauty”! What turns me on as a man when I meet a woman? A combination of beauty and brains! Quinn, you’re divinely blessed with both, so take Mzee’s advice seriously and you’ll break the glass ceiling! … Go, girl, and make us proud again!
    ~Dr. Maxwell Khondowe (@DocMK2).

  2. I totally agree with Mzee, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, with his well-meant comment and kind advice to the beautiful and intellectually very intelligent Ugandan young lady who has made sub-Saharan Africa (including my country, Zambia) extremely PROUD! for having survived the tough “Miss World” pageant all the way to the “top 5” and came in “3rd best”, which earned her the prestigious beauty title of “Miss World Africa”, Quinn Abenakyo. African women should be proud of their “natural beauty”. I once dated (and, to-date, still regret not having married her!) a very beautiful muNyankole girl from Mbarara, Uganda, whom I met in Nairobi, Kenya, when I was studying veterinary medicine at the University of Nairobi (1976-80) who always sported her beautiful natural hair … and I loved her the more for it … her natural beauty! So, Quinn, take Mzee’s advice seriously and don’t be misguided by the many African women who “feel inferior” to Indian or Brazilian women “hair-wise”!

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