Yudy Pineda (28): Ex religious sister turned XX-rated actress [Photos]

Yudy Pineda Vásquez, 28, from Tuango to Antioquia, Colombia, explained how she became an XX-rated star and webcam model after 8 years as a nun at the convent.

According to her version, Yudy Pineda Vásquez joined the convent at 10, but she left after falling in love with a man. Speaking to Caracol Radio, she says;

“I met a man who was doing a catechesis to prepare the children for the first communion and I fell in love with him. Then I decided to no longer be in the corporation. I talked to a sister and she told me that what I was doing was not right, I had fallen in love and left the convent.”

Yudy Pineda Vásquez

After leaving the convent, she met a man named Juan Bustos, an expert who has been advising models for many years in the industry.

Since then, she has worked with him and even admitted that the money earned in the industry was what convinced her to try.

Despite her erot!k profession, Yudy Pineda, a single mother of two, has not moved away from her religion. She always attends Church activities, including prayer groups, Sunday evenings and Masses.

Yudy Pineda Vásquez

 Yudy Pineda

According to her, “At first, I felt bad, but not anymore. I feel great when I leave. I feel a lot of peace, when I get home, I try to leave as decently as possible. I also do not miss the Friday prayer group, during the vigils of Saturday and Sunday during the mass.”

Yudy Pineda Vásquez, who now works 20 hours a week performing erot!k transmissions via the Internet, has even made a graphic video with famed journalist and adult film actress Amaranta Hank.

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