Zimbabwe: Pastor arrested for selling tickets to heaven

It does not happen one day that news as weird ones, the others do not surface on the internet and this time, it’s a pretty awesome story about a Zimbabwean pastor.

In fact, a Zimbabwean pastor, Pastor Tito Wats, has been arrested by Zimbabwean police for financial crime.

According to the police, Pastor Tito Wats told thousands of people that it was Jesus who had appeared to him, and then gave him tickets for $500, especially for sinners, so that they could also enter the paradise.

“I do not care what people or the police say about me, I’m persecuted because I’m doing God’s work.”

“Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the pure gold notes so that I could sell them to people who want salvation,” the pastor said bravely.

However, thousands of people protest against the pastor’s arrest and call on the police to release him immediately as they use their own money to buy salvation.

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