10 things no man can resist in a woman

When it comes to women, almost all men agree on certain qualities that make a woman attractive. These ten characteristics undoubtedly fit into that list; see for yourself!

Intelligent personality

Wonderful, such a girl who is a blessing for the eye, but beauty fades, and you don’t want to find out too late that that was the only thing that kept you together. Intelligence is a huge factor in the attraction between man and woman.

When you get the feeling that you can’t have a good conversation together, the flame of your relationship goes out faster than you can say, “relationship crisis.” Intelligence makes attractive, period.


To immediately link to intelligence, humour is also an important ‘deal maker’ within a relationship. If you can’t laugh with each other or your humour is completely different, your relationship won’t improve. Humour is thus an important quality that makes a woman attractive, the most important for many.


When a girl doesn’t do her best for anything, has no dreams and no goals she wants to achieve (be it in the professional field, social life or her relationship), the chance that you as a man will get bored is much stronger. Ambition is a hallmark of maturity and determination. Self-confidence also plays a major role in this, which turns out to be point number 4 quite coincidentally…


When a girl believes in herself, others will automatically follow. That is why self-confidence fits perfectly into the list. The same goes for the man, by the way. Make sure that self-confidence does not turn into arrogance because that is a very well-known turn-off…

Age gap

It’s almost a standard fact: women like older men and men prefer a younger lady by their side. That is not crazy. Women have a primal instinct for a grown man who can take care of a family and protect them.

However, the urge to procreate in men is paramount, and your primaeval brain tells you: the younger the woman, the easier it is. Also, the science behind the perfect age difference for a relationship has emerged.


It may sound a bit narcissistic, but we often look for qualities in a partner that we also have ourselves. Therefore, it is not surprising that men and women quickly bond if they share the same interests or lifestyle. So you see: the saying “love yourself” is not so crazy if you are looking for a relationship!

Caring behaviour

No, this doesn’t mean you want to date your mom. But a caring woman turns out to be what many men are looking for in the end. This is especially true with a view to the future together. A caring partner is better able to raise a child, and that is attractive.

Show skin

If you thought we meant a very tight cocktail dress with a huge view, then you are wrong. According to research, men are most attracted to women when they show 40% of their skin. Bare arms and legs are therefore more than enough.

Eye contact

While many relationships start online these days, one of the biggest reasons you’re attracted to someone is the eye contact you have with each other. And if she smiles sweetly at the same time, you know it’s all right.

Something distinctive

Whether sing beautifully or tie a cherry stem in her mouth, every girl has something special. And that beautiful/funny/cute talent, that’s what makes her so very attractive. This can also be an imperfection, something she can be ashamed of herself, but what makes her so unique.

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