20 compliments to a man that will boost his self-esteem

If you think that giving compliments is the prerogative of men, and receiving them is the privilege of women, then you do not know anything about gender relations at all! Everyone loves nice words – this is the truth.

Therefore, dear women, we advise you not to stoop to empty and boring flattery, which your man has heard more than once in his life! Choose one of the 20 best compliments for men offered in this article.

1. Compliments to a man in your own words: “You’re cute!”

And where is originality in this banal compliment, you may ask? Perhaps the praise itself looks standard, but answer the following question – have you often heard women say this phrase to men? Maybe in the movies! In life, men are rarely given compliments for their attractive appearance (unlike women).

Against the background of phrases such as “a man should be a little prettier than a monkey,” the word “you are cute” is simply the height of originality. Of course, such a phrase implies suitable (possibly intimate) circumstances. If this phrase seems strange to a man, you can always say that you feel sympathy for him, consider him very interesting, and so on.

2. “I like the color of your eyes; I literally drown in them!”

This compliment is more suitable for women, you might say. Perhaps this is because men are more likely to say this compliment to women? But this does not mean at all that they will not be pleased to hear a similar statement from the fairer sex. Rather, on the contrary – hardly anyone said something like that to him, so you may well become the first. At least in this!

3. “You know how to make me smile!”

It’s no secret that many men find a woman’s smile almost more attractive than breasts or legs, which usually attract the attention of the opposite sex. In addition, male pride is flattered by the fact that he made his woman smile or laugh. By the way, as soon as you say this phrase, do not forget to accompany it with a broad and sincere smile.

4. “You are the funniest person I have ever known!”

You should develop the theme of the smile and go further because men love to know that they have such a rich sense of humor. Many men believe that if they can make a woman laugh, it means that she has already fallen into the nets set by them. Do not disappoint them, as long as you do not mind getting to know the person better.

And even if you are not ready to move to a new level of relations with this particular man, having uttered such a compliment, you will sink into his soul for a long time. A man is a winner. A woman’s sincere laughter for him is a great victory. It is unlikely that you will meet a man who does not like this compliment. Is that some gloomy silence? The main thing is that you laugh not at the man but his jokes!

By the way, women, be careful when you say this phrase. Do not under any circumstances say that your chosen one is the funniest man you have ever known! ” In such a situation, few men will not “turn on” a jealous person to clarify how many of them have you met in your life – gay men?

5. “I always feel safe with you!”

Yes, your man didn’t chase a mammoth all day to get supper. But this does not mean at all that he has ceased to be a hunter, a breadwinner, a protector. In fact, at the genetic level, men should have a desire to protect their women from all the dangers of the world around them. With such a compliment, you let him know that he is successfully coping with this task.

6. Short compliments to a man: “You are so skillful!”

Men are not only potential winners and defenders. Any man is a potential jack of all trades. Even if the only thing he can do is replace a burned-out light bulb, you can always compliment him by praising him for how quickly and cleverly he changes these same light bulbs.

And don’t try to force things by trying to show how much you can do. Men are physically and mentally arranged in such a way (for the most part) to protect women from what they, in principle, should not be able to do. Therefore, allow him to pump up the tires on his own, change the faucet in the kitchen, and do many other things for which he will then receive well-deserved praise from you.

7. “You are the strongest man I’ve ever met!”

If a comparison with other men who know how to amuse can cause jealous feelings in your chosen one, then such a compliment, on the contrary, will make him understand that he is still the strongest. Indeed, for many men, the leading indicator of masculinity is strong muscles, valiant prowess, physical strength.

Even if an athletic physique does not distinguish your chosen one, such a compliment will surely suit his taste. The main thing is that it is not a wrinkled nerd who does not take anything in his hands heavier than a fountain pen. But even such words will be pleasant! So, it doesn’t matter what your man does – push the car out of the hole or help you open a can of canned food. Be sure to praise him for his masculine strength.

8. “Any woman would be happy with a man like you!”

This is an excellent compliment for the man of your dreams, even if you are not yet his woman. These words of courtesy can inflate any man’s ego, letting him know how interesting he is to the opposite sex. By the way, such a compliment does not necessarily have to be addressed to the man with whom you are in a relationship. Such words can also be pleasant to your friend, with whom you have a purely platonic relationship.

9. “I like the way you drive (how you dress, how you solve issues, and so on)!”

Telling your man that he is a jack of all trades is one thing. Sometimes this compliment may be inappropriate, if only for the simple reason that your chosen one is not a jack of all trades. But praising him for a specific action is an entirely different matter. Even if your man doesn’t know how to work with his hands, there is probably something that he is perfect at (otherwise, why did you choose him at all ?!).

10. “I love how you listen carefully to me!”

Straightforward compliments are good. However, women are cunning creatures. Therefore, even if your man attentively listens to you (better to say – especially if he does not listen to you at all), take a moment when you can insert this sly compliment. But don’t be ironic!

You can also add that you feel his respect when he listens to you carefully. Pronouncing these words, a woman kills two birds with one stone: firstly, she clarifies to her man that she likes to be respected. Secondly, she praises him because he knows how to do it exactly the way she likes.

11. “You look cool in this shirt!”

You can say, of course, something like – “this shirt suits you.” But this compliment looks somewhat formal and on duty – they may not believe in it. But sincere admiration – “you look cool in it!” – an entirely different matter. After all, with a vaunted feminine slyness, a phrase like this can get a man to wear precisely the shirt you like.

12. “I love spending time with you so much!”

If you say the phrase – “I like being with you” – it can make the man tense. Of course, it all depends on the status of your relationship, but many men may regard this phrase as an attempt to be with them always (and the desire to “ring” quickly!). At first glance, we offer a simple, superficial, but in essence, a very memorable and profound compliment.

13. “With you, I feel the most beautiful!”

We continue to use compliments from the category of small feminine tricks. You can, of course, say that you feel better with him or that you become better with him. But just such a phrase – “I feel the most beautiful with you!” – will give a man the opportunity to feel confident in himself while paying the lion’s share of attention to your person.

14. “I respect you!”

Love is a Beautiful Thing. However, men value respect first of all – this is how it is customary for them in their male team. And as soon as you want him to respect you, show your respect for him too. Having once again emphasized this fact, you let the man understand that you appreciate not his money (opportunities), but him personally, as a unique person.

15. “You always give the best advice!”

Even if he is not very good as a jack of all trades, almost any man considers himself an excellent adviser who knows what to do in a given situation. It will not be superfluous to emphasize this skill periodically. Just be sure to add that his advice is the best (even if you don’t always follow it).

This compliment says not only that you value your man’s advice. With this brief but straightforward phrase, you let your chosen one understand how smart he is – after all, it is his advice that is the best. Turn to your man for advice more often, fuel his faith in himself – there is nothing objectionable in this.

16. “You always turn me on!”

Any man periodically dreams of these words (maybe not from all women, but that’s a different story!). A man’s awareness of such powerful sexual energy emanates from him can increase even the lowest self-esteem. It is clear that such a compliment is intimate; therefore, it can only be addressed to the man with whom you already have a close relationship.

17. “What kind of perfume do you have? You smell great!”

If we do not like the smell of a particular person, then there is very little chance that we will have a close relationship with such a person. By emphasizing that you like the scent of your man’s perfume, you can let him know that his candidacy is also suitable for a closer relationship. Or pretend it’s all about the scent.

It is no secret that many men do not use perfumes at all. Their maximum is deodorant or antiperspirant aftershave gel. Do you think that, in this case, your compliment looks useless? Not at all. Quite the opposite: if he tells you that he does not use perfume, there is always an opportunity to admire, saying something, such as – “Is this your natural body scent ?!” …

18. “You are the most courageous man I have ever met!”

Such a compliment is universal, as it will suit almost any man who has at least some signs of masculinity. They can be said in an outburst of love to a spouse; they can even be addressed to a friend with whom you have no intimate relationship. Repeat them periodically (but do not abuse the frequency!), And the man to whom you say them will be in seventh heaven with happiness and self-importance.

19. “Thank you for helping me today! I appreciate it so much!”

Imagine what it means for a man who looks after you (perhaps not very successfully), your call, and accidentally dropped the phrase – “Thank you for helping me today, I appreciate it!” . If this is your boyfriend or spouse, such a phrase will be delightful for his pride, as it will approve him in the role of your protector, a real macho.

However, keep in mind that this phrase is a powerful weapon! Even if the man to whom you addressed her sees that he has no chance with you, he can think of anything for himself after such a compliment! At least with this simple phrase, you will again give him the hope that you harbor something more for him than just platonic sympathy.

20. “You know exactly how to take care of a woman!”

Even the most courageous man can (for a considerable number of reasons) give in to the fair sex. This compliment can give confidence even to a very insecure man, so use it whenever your chosen one tries (even if not very skillful) to take care of you.

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