10 things you should stop pulling from the past

People are too attached to their past – things, places, people, and thoughts. Therefore, they prefer to drag all this cargo behind them, which only clutters up their lives and pulls them to the bottom. We have collected a few examples of what you should leave in the past for your own good.

Ten things you should stop pulling from the past

Tasks that you don’t have enough strength for

It happens that you have planned the execution of a task but have not found the strength to proceed with it. And you put off work for later, again and again, hoping that someday you will still be able to realize your plans. Start to face the truth — if too much time has passed from the moment when you set this micro-goal for yourself, it is unlikely that the task is still relevant, and you are determined to fulfill it.

Stop dragging the burden of unfinished business behind you from the past. It’s better to set new goals for yourself that will exactly meet your current needs. Well, do not delay their implementation, otherwise, the whole process described above will have to be repeated again.

Useless junk that is dear to you as a memory

You most likely have at least a separate shelf in your closet, on which various trinkets fall, reminding you of someone close to you or about the happy moments of your life. You drag them with you to new apartments, refuse to throw these things away even if they have long been outdated, have lost their original appearance, and are out of order.

Memories are great, but try to think about what will change if you get rid of the old stuff. That’s right – absolutely nothing. You will remember bright events and loved ones even without these tangible reminders and proofs.

Things that you never used for their intended purpose

In your closet or on the shelves could lie things bought a long time ago that was not used for their intended purpose. Self-help books on foreign languages, clothes that you have never worn, tools lying idle, etc. Why do you litter your apartment with these items? Better try to take advantage of them. For example, put them up for sale at half price or offer to exchange them for something that you will really use. You can make room for something new and earn money at the same time.

A friendship that has exhausted itself

It happens that people who consider each other close friends change a lot over time and can no longer maintain relationships as they once were. This often happens if one of the friends changes his outlook on life, principles, goals, priorities, if he finds a new social circle that meets his needs more, or just gets tired of the person.

It is not necessary to naively believe that you will be able to reanimate such a “friendship”. If you have ceased to be a priority for a person, then this cannot be changed. Just stop deceiving yourself and others by trying to pretend that everything is still the same between you and your friend.

Relationships that don’t bring joy

If a relationship brings only negativity into your life, you should think carefully about why you are still with a person. Undoubtedly, even in the strongest and most loving couples there come periods when it is difficult for them, they quarrel, doubt whether to continue the relationship, face problems. But all these are temporary troubles that joint efforts can solve. If everything is constantly bad in your relationship, stop dragging them along. In the past, you might have been fine, but you don’t have to constantly look back.

Principles that no longer correspond to your view of life

You grow, develop, gain new experience – all this makes you change your views on life. Today you are not the person you were just yesterday. Even if you are attached to your principles, which you have adhered to for many months or years, sooner or later it will be time to admit to yourself that they are hopelessly outdated and no longer correspond to your worldview. This is not a bad thing – on the contrary, you transform and base your new views on the knowledge and experience you have gained.

Goals that other people have imposed on you

You can live for a long time with externally imposed goals, seemingly making attempts to achieve them, but subconsciously not understanding why to spend time and effort on it. It is important to find the courage and admit that your guidelines do not meet your real needs and desires here. Once you do that, you won’t have to waste internal resources anymore.

Outdated dreams that are practically realized

It is especially hard to admit to yourself that your dreams, which you have approached thoroughly and have already overcome most of the way, are outdated. You can drag this burden behind you, trying to reach the end and succeed simply because you are offended by the resources spent. But be smarter — be able to quit halfway, as soon as you realize that it will not bring you the desired result — it will not make you happier, smarter, more confident, richer, etc. And the time and effort that you will be able to save, you can direct to the implementation of current ideas.

Worries about what you can’t influence

If you are unable to control, prevent or change something in the other direction – just stop worrying about it. Your experiences will not lead to anything good, they will only make you constantly experience stress and anxiety. What does not depend on you will happen in any case, so do it wisely – leave emotions in the past and spend time and effort on correcting your actions in the future. This way, you can reduce the negative impact of the situation on your life.

Dissatisfaction with yourself and your decisions

We all make mistakes from time to time, understand that comparisons with others are not in our favor, make decisions that we deeply regret, etc. But what was once in the past has little meaning in the present and the future. If you find fault with yourself excessively, you will only make the situation worse.

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