10 ways to make your man crazy, the #8 work each time

It’s really hard to maintain and attract a man’s attention. Probably, you’re not aware of what they like, or what would seem to interest them… Although men are very simple in terms of choice, they also have complex qualities they find in a woman like incredible. Sometimes it becomes a problem.

Be independent

Whatever she wants, she can have it, even if she does not want it… This kind of girl will certainly make him crazy. It does not depend on anyone and is strong enough to defend itself. A man will go mad if he understands that his daughter does not need him even though he has chosen her. This attitude will make it more attractive

Be yourself, stay simple and natural

Try to show the natural side of yourself by being the person you are for real, without giving any false identity. Men will be happier to see your true self and your inner beauty. Do not try to pretend to be someone else.

Let him desire you more

Make sure you let him “run” a bit more, instead of giving him all at once. Do not be too easy for him. This will surely win your affection. Just make him feel that he has to work hard for the one he loves.

To be unpredictable

Men easily predict certain girls’ routines and sometimes, they find it extremely boring, so try something new to win their hearts. Girls who have the power to “set fire” men, will certainly be able to attract their attention.

Avoid giving yourself a look too picky

Be a simple girl with your natural look. It seems, that men find girls too picky, in other words: exhausting and boring… So, he will definitely go crazy about you if you are carefree, relaxed, and not worried about how you are dressed.

A good sense of humour

No man will want to go out with a boring and monotonous girl. Everyone loves a fun person. A man will always need your company, if you have a good time together, laughing all the time, having fun, or being active (both). The girls like to be cajoled and hold a nice conversation. However, a man will be more attracted to a woman who will be a bit “crazy-crazy” and unpredictable.

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