These 20 compliments won’t leave a girl indifferent

A good compliment delivered on time is like a bullet that goes right on target. However, this compliment is not easy! Some men try to avoid platitudes, trying to come up with something original; others even consider compliments to be unnecessary and flattering speeches.

We offer 20 compliments that can evoke positive emotions in the female. Some of them are pretty intimate, so it is better to express them in private. This article will also be of interest to women who want to know for what purpose this or that compliment was made.

1. I am always learning so many new things from you!

Modern women and girls often blame men for being too conservative and chauvinistic. They say that men put themselves above women (and more often than not, they earn more). And such a simple but very effective compliment can show any female representative how much she is appreciated and how seriously she is taken.

2. You have such beautiful eyes/lips/hair/teeth and so on!

This group of compliments sounds like an everyday triviality, so men who try to avoid commonplace things in life do not like it. But, men, answer the following question – why do you think women spend a considerable amount of time visiting beauty salons, organizing thorough care of their bodies?

That’s right – to please men (mainly). And that is why you should not underestimate the importance of such simple compliments that make it clear to a girl or woman that she is not wasting her efforts in vain, that her actions are noticed and appreciated. Perhaps this compliment sounds banal and superficial, but it is essential for women.

3. You are gorgeous today!

This is a powerful compliment, one of a kind that should be given at the right time and in the right place. In other words, this compliment should sound natural – only then will it be delightful and compelling. For example, with these words, you can meet a girl who has specially made herself up for going to the theater, to the cinema, or to a restaurant for dinner.

4. You are not like everyone else!

There is a common phrase that men often say – all women are the same. The fair sex in this sense is also not original, as they constantly repeat that all men are the same. However, these pleasant words – you are not like everyone else – should sound when a man

wants to raise the self-esteem of his passion, emphasizing his uniqueness and individuality.

5. You are very sexy!

It is easy to guess that such compliments are not given out to everyone. For such intimate words and environment, an intimate one is required. For a man to have the right to express such words, he needs to show remarkable attentiveness, noting that his counterpart does not mind that these words were said to her (although situations, of course, are different). Moreover, it was from him.

When the words “you are very sexy!” can be perceived adequately? Of course, when a man and a woman are already in a relationship, their communication actively develops towards a close relationship.

Such a compliment has the right to life only as a sincere admiration for a woman. Otherwise, if a subtle connection has not yet been established between you, these words may sound vulgar and inappropriate.

6. You are so good at everything that you undertake!

This is a straightforward but effective compliment. Women overwhelmingly dream of a strong man. It is not so much and not only about physical strength. This refers to a man who has enough power to take on the lion’s share of responsibilities, greatly facilitating the life of his passion. But this does not mean that every woman or girl wants to appear completely helpless!

The complete helplessness borders on the complete inability to do anything well. Awareness of this fact can lower the self-esteem of even a very confident person. Therefore, men, keep in mind: when the opportunity to emphasize the talents of your chosen one once again presents itself, be sure, without delay, do it, making it clear how much you value her skills and abilities.

7. You look good today!

Men should be careful with this compliment. Unlike the words “you are just great today!”, Which are appropriate in a particular situation and may not be used often, the terms “you look good today” look a little on duty. Some of the fairer sex may react to them with resentment, saying that they always look good.

It is even more careful to use such a compliment when the girl does not look her best – maybe she did not get enough sleep, does not feel well, and so on. Most often, such a compliment is appropriate as a light flirtation, which can be shown during an ordinary casual conversation. A sort of dropped informal phrase. Only then can accusations of flattery and hypocrisy be avoided.

8. You have such positive energy!

If a man decides to use such a compliment, he is advised to make sure that there is a positive person in front of him and not phlegm mired in his complexes and problems. These kind words, spoken to the point, are light and unassuming compliments, which, by the way, a representative of the more vigorous sex can address the girl he is caring for and a colleague, just a friend.

9. I love your style!

Why not emphasize with this simple phrase that a person always looks good? It’s one thing to say some nice words, highlighting that the girl looks stunning today. With the words “I like your style,” a man can subtly make it clear that he feels permanent sympathy for a girl or a woman, appreciates her taste.

10. Your hair looks great!

Unlike a compliment, when a man expresses admiration for the girl’s eyes, lips, or hair (“you have beautiful eyes/lips/hair”), this phrase does not bind him to anything. He shows that he is attentive to changes in a person’s appearance. On the other hand, this may mean that the man has a particular interest in this lady.

The phrase is appropriate when a girl, for example, has a new hairstyle or just styling. In general, women devote a lot of time to hair care. Therefore, men should more often express their admiration for this part of the body. Such behavior will tell the fairer sex that the time for hairdo or hair styling was not wasted in vain.

11. You have something special!

This compliment sounds innocent. However, it has quite an intimate subtext. It can be used even when a man wants to tell a girl about his feelings. The only advice for the stronger s*x is to ensure that you have a perfectly acceptable answer if your girlfriend wants to find out what is so special about her that you admire.

12. How lucky I am to have you in my life!

This compliment is good for someone who is already in an extraordinarily close relationship. Men say it more often, emphasizing how much you value your partner. This not only raises the self-esteem of your soul mate but also gives her a sense of security. Plus, you show that you consider someone a part of your life, which means that you are not opposed to moving to another level of the relationship.

Such a compliment may well be a prelude to a marriage proposal. These pleasant words are also suitable for life partners. Men often forget that their chosen ones, even after becoming spouses, do not cease to need periodic compliments and expressions of love (that is, they do not stop loving with their ears!).

13. Only with you, I feel like the happiest person!

Like the previous one, this compliment is also intended so that a man can demonstrate to his chosen one how happy he is that she is in his life. Men, say these beautiful words at least sometimes, as they testify to your feelings better than many other words. The main thing is that your passion does not suddenly decide to ask you with whom you feel a little less happy!

14. You know, I’m so comfortable with you!

This unpretentious but lovely and quite intimate compliment is suitable at any stage of communication, but it is most appropriate during periods of courtship. If speaking at the right moment, such words usually give the girl the opportunity to also feel cozy and comfortable in the company of her man.

15. There is so much warmth in your eyes!

To make this compliment, a man should make sure that his passion has at least some kind of warm feelings for him. Having uttered these warm words at the right moment, even the most brutal man can seem subtle and romantic. And the girl, having heard these words, understands that it was she who awakened similar feelings in her chosen one.

16. You smell so good!

The smell of a person can tell a lot about him. And a warm relationship between a man and a woman will often be very short-lived (or even impossible) if one of the partners does not like the smell of the other partner. This is not just a courtesy. At the right moment, this phrase can emphasize how deep the feelings of a man are and how alluring his chosen one seems to him.

17. You are so smart!

The main thing is that this compliment does not sound ironic or, God forbid, mocking! Women are used to the fact that many men consider them stupider than themselves. Therefore, such words, spoken at the right moment and under the right circumstances, show that a man treats his partner on equal terms, appreciates her qualities and intelligence very much, and not just her appearance.

18. I love it when you smile!

No matter how simple it may seem, such a compliment always suggests that a man who has expressed such unpretentious words has certain tender feelings for a girl. Men, do not be surprised if your chosen one, to whom you will periodically repeat these words, begins to delight you with her smile more and more often!

19. You are everything to me!

This is not even a compliment – this is the most potent psychological weapon! And like any most powerful weapon, it should only be used in the most exceptional circumstances. Is it worth telling what these circumstances are? Advice to men – make sure that your inner feelings correspond to these words and only pronounce them. Insincerity will add pathos and arouse opposite emotions in the lady – of course, not very pleasant ones.

20. I’m ready to listen to you for hours!

You have to love and respect your girlfriend or spouse very much to say such words to her! Since men around every corner never tire of repeating how much women talk, a compliment like this will give any girl a sense of being genuinely respected. Men, let your darling talk, and then take a moment to express this compliment.

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