17 young Nigerians dismantle in Dakar for Cybercrime

Seventeen young Nigerians, who had set up their headquarters on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal, have just been arrested by the police for cybercrime involving extortion via social networks.

In connection with elements of the ESI (Etablissement de Service Informatique) and the Cyno group, the police of the industrial free zone brigade has bagged a gang of seventeen cybercriminals.

As is very recurrent at present, the suspects used social networks to rob their targets. On the spot, the uniformed men found the latest generation equipment, in addition to Indian hemp.

From their headquarters in Mbao, on the outskirts of the Senegalese capital, the new type of offenders used the Internet and very appropriate software to achieve their ends.

Unfortunately for them, the police’s Digital Platform for the Fight against Cybercrime used its various elements to produce a technical report that pinpointed all of them.

And the men in blue, helped by their colleagues in Keur Mbaye Fall, another neighborhood nearby, had no trouble putting the thugs away.

To achieve their ends, the criminals used software and the Internet to extort money, sex-tape, or make fake identity cards. During their search, the security agents seized necessary computer equipment, mobile phones, Indian hemp, and other items.

The seventeen bandits were referred to the public prosecutor’s office.

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