24 years old, dies 24 hours after her wedding (photos)

24 hours after the celebration of her marriage, Fatin Nursyahirah Yusuf died. She was married to Azzam on Friday, April 3rd, but unfortunately, Fatin died of cancer the next day.

According to sources close to the deceased, she was suffering from advanced stage four sarcoma. Shukur Yusuf, 30, who shared his sister’s wedding photos on Facebook, said Fatin was admitted to the hospital after Friday prayers. She had already undergone two sessions of surgery and radiotherapy since last year. But the cancer had already spread.

“He was inconsolable. I tried to encourage him, even though I cried too. ”

Azzam and Fatin became engaged in June of last year and Shukur said the two families had agreed to proceed with the marriage despite Fatin’s state of health.

“We were very moved by the sincerity of Azzam and his family who accepted that a sick person was part of their lives. After the celebration of the ceremony, we felt grateful and relieved to see them united as husband and wife, even if it only lasted a few hours. She was a lucky person. But she still kept her problems to herself because she never wanted to disturb anyone,” wrote her brother.

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