3 signs that you need to set boundaries in your relationships

Boundaries are not just imaginary lines; they are how those around you will behave, limits and frequencies are treated negatively. As if it were a bad word. But it is the key to a relationship surviving.

In every relationship in your life, you need one limit. This does not mean that you have to reject someone all the time. But not to be everything to everyone. Maybe there are many times when you said ‘yes’ instead of a clear ‘no’. Or you agreed on the point of view that you are opposed, to please the company. Or you smiled instead of showing that you have a problem with something that was just heard.

All of these are signs that you are not entirely yourself in certain relationships. If, however, you are not convinced yet, there are 3 signs that it is time

to set limits on your relationships:

You are already canceling an appointment

These are the times when you have agreed on a proposal, but you do not even show up. You do not process it much the moment you hear it, and you say yes, which in the end does not happen.

You prefer to express something positive than to show your unavailability from the beginning. But what is the result? Do not show up for meetings again.

You feel constantly exhausted

Physically or mentally. When there are no limits in relationships, it means that you put the needs of others first than your own. But it is exhausting to be there all the time to meet every need that arises, at a time when you need it accordingly.

So when you neglect yourself, you feel constant tiredness and negativity. This may mean that you do not get enough sleep or have done back things that bothered you. How much longer will you avoid saying ‘no’ defending yourself?

You feel angry

When you avoid entirely dealing with some things that bother you, the feeling of anger intensifies. You feel injustice and that while you give everything, you do not get what you deserve back. This is precisely because you have not limited the extent to which one can violate your mental health.

Boundaries sometimes do not have to be magical, invisible lines that we keep in mind. They should be expressed loudly when the other side takes advantage of it. So to save how you feel inside and be calm, make sure to make your limits more noticeable from now on.

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