A 327-carat diamond found in Botswana

Another huge diamond was discovered by the Lucara company in Botswana.

A 327-carat diamond was found in Botswana, reports Bloomberg Financial News.

Diamond miners in Botswana appear to have discovered a rich vein with massive gems.

Bloomberg points out that Lucara, the mining company that found the 327-carat stone, had already found a 472-carat diamond two weeks ago… but it’s nothing.

In 2015, the second largest diamond in the world was discovered in Botswana.

The 1111 carat stone is the size of a tennis ball.

The biggest diamond of all time is 3106 carats.

It was found in 1905 only nine meters from the surface in South Africa and was extracted using a pocket knife.

Some suggest that the 110-year gap between the two big gems was linked to the change in mining equipment that has become more efficient over the years.

It is assumed that the old sorters broke the diamonds.

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