A 39-year-old African girl in love with a 91-year-old European

It is generally said that in love there is no age. Is this statement acceptable every time? Can he have a real and sincere love between a 39-year-old African girl and a 91-year-old European?

It’s been a few hours since a Net surfer named Adèle was willing to share the story of this unusual couple on social networks.

She indicates that the young woman is from Cameroon and she is 39 years old. She lives in a relationship with a 91-year-old man.

Wanandoa hao wangeishi katika nchi ya Ulaya ambayo haijafichuliwa.

What seemed very curious in this couple is the age difference. This curiosity in this couple has many consequences: while the woman exudes an energy overflowing, she demonstrates her deep desire to fully share love with her beloved, the man seems rather exhausted, out of breath and weakened by weight.

Even if he tries to play the game, his age seems to take over his will. He hardly participates fully.

On Facebook, opinions are divided on the sincerity of love in this couple.

Decarlo Wallace a surfer said he believed in the sincerity of this love. He also wanted to congratulate the couple “It’s beautiful love… really I appreciate this lady who asserts herself openly with her lover. Age is only a number. Bravo darling it’s beautiful. True love is displayed.”

But this opinion is not shared by Naomie who believes that this woman is a lazy who clings behind the wealth of this old man.

As she does not want to work, she would like to experience the hard work of this middle-aged man and take advantage of his legacy after his death

“She is lazy, she likes ease, partisan of the slightest effort, she is good for nothing. That’s why it does not surprise me. After she will support her move to stay with the inheritance.”

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