4 benefits of a curved television screen

The craze of the curved television screens is already a bit behind us, but there are still experts who still swear by such a curved device.

We examined the benefits.

1. You creep into the screen, as it were

Always comes back as argument pro for a curved screen: you would be much more immersed in what you can see. Because the edges of the image are slightly bent, it feels like you are more ‘in’ the world of the film or TV series.

2. More depth

Another visual benefit to curved TVs – which is mainly based on perception rather than on something measurable: the curved edges also give the image more depth. Samsung has really set to work with that image illusion, by adjusting the contrast on certain parts of the screen with its own curved televisions, so that the depth becomes even stronger.

3. The image is wider

Ophthalmologists can undoubtedly explain why, but when the left and right sides of a screen bend towards you, you also get a little more image in the corner of the eye. For example, tests were carried out between a regular flat TV and a 65 inch (165 centimetre) curved TV, in which the image of curved television was almost unanimously estimated more broadly.

4. It looks cool

A last but far from unimportant advantage of curved TVs: they look beautiful. More than with flat televisions, they really give you the idea that you’re in a home theatre, even though most of the curved TVs that are sold are on the big side. Important buying tip: it is especially worthwhile to watch curved TVs that are larger than 65 inches; for smaller TV’s such a screen adds little.

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