6 tips for preparing for your Skype interview

Now is the time when more and more people are interviewing on Skype. It’s much cheaper to chat online than travel to another city or country for a 30-minute interview. Plus, you can snuggle up in your favorite plush slippers to feel more comfortable and confident.

Although we are used to dealing with modern technology every day, it is not as easy to go through a Skype interview as it seems at first glance. To feel more confident in front of the monitor screen, follow our advice, and before you know it, your dream job will be in your pocket.

Prepare in advance

Choose the appropriate account name and avatar. Try to avoid internet hits like badguy99, hotchick35, sunshine, etc. The more concise, the better. Make sure you have an internet connection, your camera and microphone are working correctly, and you have enough power on your phone, tablet, or laptop for an interview.

It is better to use headphones to avoid hearing echoes during a call. Be prepared for any unforeseen situations and think about what to do if your laptop or other gadgets suddenly fails.

Try yourself in action

If you’re new to Skype interviews, ask a friend for help. Arrange a dress rehearsal: put on lighting, dress appropriately, choose a convenient location, prepare files that you may need during the interview, both printed and electronic.

The atmosphere is also important

The interview should take place in silence, without extraneous sounds. Close the window first, turn off your phone, temporarily close your room to be completely isolated. Clear the background room and wipe the camera screen, so your opponent doesn’t think you recently had an earthquake. Recheck the lighting so that your, possibly future, a colleague can see you calmly.

Clothes are the key to success

Many people think that since this is a Skype interview, you don’t need to dress decently. This is not true. Treat it like you’re going to a personal interview. And don’t forget to wear pants or a skirt! You never know when you will have to get up. And if there is nothing on you at this time, an unpleasant situation may arise. The best style is official. You should look nice and have a good conversation with yourself.

Look the camera in the eye

Try to look directly into the camera or the eyes of your opponent. If you look at the avatar, it will look a little distant. If you want to take notes, use a regular notepad. This way, the sound of the keyboard will not distract your colleague.

The end is also important

After the interview ends, many people relax and forget essential details. Talking on the phone and the camera are two different things. Try not to make the goodbye abrupt so as not to leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Turn off the camera first and then hang up.

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