5 bad pretexts to get back in couple

Looking for solutions to get back in relationship with your ex, this is not a bad thing.

But if it’s for recognition or apology like “it’s my children’s mother”, you’re way off the mark.

It’s nice to want to come back with your ex but not on the basis of these reasons below:

1) The children

First excuse to reconnect with your ex. it is true that children deserve sacrifices but know that not all sacrifices are equal. Children need to grow up in a healthy environment. If they have to pay the price of your union right now you are creating a ‘hell’ for them.

2) The comfort

“When I was with him I never missed anything”, there is only money that counts for you then and the day when resources will no longer be good? If you rely on these ephemeral things, it is clear that the day they will no longer exist will also be the end of the relationship.

3) Loneliness

There are people who are afraid of being alone. This means that after a break they may be wading from left to right. In the end, they say why not come back with the one who dropped them a few weeks ago.

4) Good times together

As an old Ivorian saying goes, “old fire comes on quickly”. Easily tracing the past honeyed with your ex, because you want to return. But wake up from your illusion, life is not always pink.

5) The fear of not finding better

If you separated from Paul it was because it was necessary. But have you tried another opening to know that there is no better than him before wanting to come back?

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