5 good reasons not to date with your employer

Workplace relationship is among the most common causes of layoffs or problems at work, for the women you are, there are some relationships that will create problems in your working place and instead of regretting, at last, it’s better to say no than had I know.

These are 5 reasons to keep you in office, especially with your employer.

Do not mix private life and professional life

A relationship with your employer exposes you to see the limit between your private life and your professional life which diminish or even disappear. So, for example, the danger is to see your problems or your disputes being shunted to your place of work.

Avoid lack of objectivity

When you are in a relationship with your boss, this could in the vast majority of things, judge your performance based on the affinities you have and not according to your real abilities. Besides that, your job might suffer the day your relationship gets out of hand.

Saying no to Monotonic function

Having a relationship with your employer would take you to see him all the time. Indeed, rub shoulders within the office and then at home would become heavy for you because at one time you want to change air and see something else.

Avoid familiarity

When two co-workers and, in addition, an employer and his employee have a relationship, the limit of respect can also take a serious toll. In fact, too much familiarity can set in and threaten the work environment and hence the return.

5 good reasons not to date with your employer

Do not be “one more” on the list

There are employers who are real perverts and spend all their time dealing with their subordinates. The evil in this story is that by yielding to their unhealthy desires, you put yourself on the list of their unhappy conquests.

In addition to the rumors about you, you will be able to take emotional shots. Your other collaborators in the office will not like you.

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