5 prayer points for depressed people

Today, many individuals suffer from depression. This sickness, which may manifest itself in various ways, does not spare Christians, who are often afraid to talk about it for fear of being judged. If you’re in this circumstance and want to get out, we’ve put up a list of 5 prayer points that we believe will help you get out of it.

Have a sincere faith in God

“I come to You now, Lord Jesus, because I am in pain. I’ve lost my appetite for anything. I don’t want to go on like this any longer. I can no longer get the courage to live this life. I wanted to end it many times, and I wanted to end my life several times. I’m not sure why you gave birth to me, Lord. I’m not sure what function I’m supposed to perform on this planet. I’m lonely, hated, rejected, and misunderstood. I don’t feel loved, and I don’t feel useful.

I understand that none of this comes from You, that You are not the source of my suffering or my predicament, yet it is in You that I want to confide. You are, without a doubt, my final hope and my last opportunity. I can’t handle it any longer, God. “I need your assistance.”

Pray for freedom from oppression

“I understand that these terrible ideas are not from You, Heavenly Father.” I’m aware that I’m allowing myself to be affected by the adversary, who delights in seeing me in this state. As a result, I’d want to pray for my freedom. You announce in your Word that you have made us free for the sake of freedom (Galatians 5: 1).

You died on the cross so that I may be set free, both from sin and from the enemy’s grip on my life. As a result, I hope that I will appreciate this liberty. I don’t want to be tormented by negative ideas any longer. I no longer want to be a prisoner in this manner. Jesus, let me be free. “Break my shackles, any yoke that keeps me imprisoned in this bleak jail.”

Ask Jesus to bear your burden for you

“Lord, I’d want to lay my burdens, concerns, and issues at your feet. Your yoke is light, and your load is light, as you proclaim in your Word (Matthew 11:30). Remove all anguish, rage, hate, rejection, and loneliness from my heart.

My God, I am certain that You answer all of my issues. Even though I feel alone, I am certain that You are listening to me, standing by my side, and supporting me. You indicated in Matthew 11:28 that You would welcome all those who were exhausted and burdened so that they may rest. Today, my Jesus, I come before You. “Please give rest.”

Pray for unfathomable joy and peace

“I ask, Holy Spirit, that You may rejuvenate my thinking. Make my tears become grins. Turn my powerlessness and grief into pleasure and serenity. I want to be able to appreciate the life You’ve given me once again.

Please assist me in being happy. I’d want to make You the focus of my pleasure and delight. Lord, I know there will be no more tears or grief when I am in Your arms in New Jerusalem. But, in the meanwhile, I’d want You to shower me with your love so that I may summon the fortitude to wait for Your return.

Pray for life with gratitude

“Lord, I am dissatisfied with my life and everyday routine. I sometimes wish I hadn’t been born. However, I am aware that some people in other parts of the globe would give me everything to have my life. People I know are going through a lot worse than I am. After all, no one has it easy in life.

But I still want to express my gratitude for the gift of life that You have bestowed upon me. I’m sure there are thousands of reasons to express gratitude, and I’d want to take the time to list them all. I’d want to improve my ability to find the bright side and express thanks. I’m certain that You will cure me, restore my identity, and reveal the significance of my existence through time. Meanwhile, I’m aware that You made me because You adore me. I am the fulfillment of longing in Your heart, and I thank You for loving me from the beginning.

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