5 signs of a woman who will be dumped over and over again

By entering into relationships, people hope that they will last a lifetime. Few of them are pre-programmed to part ways. But it turns out that there is a type of girl who unconsciously behaves in such a way as to be eventually abandoned. They are not dependent on the partner himself but on the suffering that a painful breakup brings them.

Fearing loneliness, she becomes attached to a man, but in the end, she remains alone.

she likes unreachable guys

Several options for the development of events are possible here, but, as a rule, such a woman falls in love with a married one. The inaccessibility of a potential partner attracts her, and she chases after him, dooming herself to a knowingly failed relationship.

She is nourished by self-doubt

The fear of abandonment makes a woman think that this man is the only and irreplaceable, even though this is not so. As a result, complex internal reactions trigger the fear of separation. On the other hand, a man who wants to leave a woman also experiences many feelings.

He is tired of calmness, and it seems boring to him, unpredictability attracts like a magnet, and excessive stress is disguised as love.

She is not interested in men in love with her

As soon as a man shows interest in a woman, she immediately runs away from him. The situation drives the girl into a dead end and does not suit her at all because she will not be abandoned in the long term. Such serenity frightens abandaholics.

She is not destined to find “her” man

This is not surprising because such a woman rushes between the fear of being left alone and being absorbed in a relationship. She pursues men inaccessible to her, running away from those who like her and with whom there is a chance to start a family.

This behavior is exhausting and annoying, and its roots lie in childhood. Unloved children all their lives are fighting for the unconditional love of their parents, and not receiving it, they become addicted.

She brings happiness, a feeling of eternal pursuit

Communicating with a man inaccessible to her, the woman’s body produces adrenaline and norepinephrine – catecholamines, which are responsible for the feeling of being in love. It can be compared to the high you get from taking drugs, and to abandaholics it is like a natural intimacy.

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