How to understand that a man will soon dump you

How do you know if a man wants to leave you? If a girl decides to leave her partner, she usually thinks everything over carefully, and if a young man wants to do this, then, as a rule, everything happens suddenly and very quickly.

If you don’t want a breakup to come as a surprise to you, then pay attention to five signs that indicate that they want to leave you!

How to understand that a man wants to dump you: 5 sure signs

See if your partner’s attitude towards you has changed, and look for the following signs of an impending breakup.

The man’s memory suddenly deteriorated

The stronger sex has one interesting feature – as soon as feelings fade away, memory sharply deteriorates. A man forgets about his promises, about memorable dates and, for some reason, begins to be late for dinner.

One gets the impression that he is developing amnesia. But in reality, the person has no desire to do something nice to you.

A partner lets you do whatever you want

If a man doesn’t care why you came home late at night, where you were all day and what you did, then this is the first sign that he has grown cold towards you.

You can safely be outside in frosty weather without a hat, walk with your male friends and go with your friends to a disco. It is possible that your partner also disappears somewhere for days on end, and your relationship more and more resembles a neighbour’s.

If everything is so, do not be surprised if you soon hear from a man who wants to part with you.

He stopped praising you, but you hear criticism all the time

If earlier the chosen one told you how beautiful you are and how stylish you dress, praised you for your success at work and thanked you heartily for a delicious dinner, now he and then criticizes your every step.

The man no longer likes the way you walk, cook, work and clean. He will find a thousand reasons for dissatisfaction and, perhaps, will begin to compare you with some familiar young lady who is both clever and beautiful and cooks excellently.

The point here is not at all that you have become worse looking, stupid and ugly – not at all. It’s just that the partner is looking for an excuse to get rid of you and break off the relationship.

He no longer calls you with him when he goes to a meeting with friends

In addition, you may have noticed that your man’s comrades have changed their attitude towards you and do not even ask how you are doing. Most likely, the partner has already told them that he wants to break up with you.

Do not forget that sometimes a young man wants to be with friends (watch football and drink beer, for example). But if such meetings become regular, then this is an alarming sign.

The partner is no longer interested in your opinion

He believes that he is doing everything right and that his own opinion is authoritative for him. And what do you think, the man does not care at all, and he may even express his dissatisfaction if you suddenly want to express him.

If a man decides for himself what colour sofa to buy in your living room, what products to buy for the week and where to go on vacation, and he asks you to shut up, then it seems it’s time to run away from him.

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