5 simple things that men expect from the woman they love

It is both difficult and easy to say that men only love good food and sex from women.

Men are not so complicated, but they are not as simple as you imagine. Like all humans, men also have emotional needs often forgotten because of the constant stereotypes of masculinity.

Here are five things that men might find impossible to do without:

1. Feel he is your hero
He would like to feel that he is your Superman. He wants you to think he is capable of flying between buildings and stopping bullets with his bare hands. Nothing gives a man more strength and courage than a woman who makes him feel invincible. In return, it will give you the impression of being the most beautiful creature of the earth.

2. Mutual interest in sex
Men want to have sex, but do not need to have sex if women do not want it. Having sex with someone who is not interested breaks the mood. Show a unique connection with this man who makes you fantasize, makes you want to get sick at work to spend the whole day in bed making love. A magnetic attraction against which it is impossible to fight. He wants that.

3. Romantic gestures
Of course, they also want gifts, flowers and a memorable occasional present. Sometimes, telling the guy he’s amazing and kind will make him feel as good as the lingerie you bought last week. Yes, it turns out that men are not so different from women after all.

4. Honesty
There are two types of guys: those who are control maniacs, and those who feel that you are lying to them, so they go a little too far. Avoid the first type, please. But any guy (or girl) will feel weird if you try to hide something from him, even if it’s not really important. Just be honest with men and they will really trust you.

5. The silence
Sometimes men speak easily, but on bad days, it’s really hard to communicate everything they feel. A hug and “Everything will be fine”.

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