5 Subtle Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

It makes sense that you want to get along with your boss. After all, you have to work closely together, and he or she assesses your work. Do you suspect that things are not going well between you? Then that will probably have a significant impact on your happiness at work.

Here are five subtle signs that your boss doesn’t like you or at least doesn’t appreciate you enough.

Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

Do you recognize these signs? You deserve a place where you can come into your own: it may be time for a new step.

1. You are micromanaged

Nothing is more annoying than a boss or supervisor you don’t trust and constantly looking over your shoulder. You can build more confidence by figuring out what’s important to your boss and actively keeping him or her informed.

This does not necessarily have to be a sign that your boss does not like you; it could also be that he or she still has little self-confidence. Or that your boss doesn’t notice at all. That is why it is good to subtly let your micromanager know in a 1-on-1 that you cannot perform your work optimally in this way.

2. Your ideas are not taken seriously

Your happiness at work and self-confidence can take a big hit if you feel that your ideas and input are not taken seriously.

This could be a sign that your boss doesn’t like you, or at least that he or she isn’t happy with how you’re performing. You will come into your own much better if you find a job to implement your ideas.

3. You are constantly criticized

Constructive feedback is part of it; you only grow from there. But if you don’t seem to be doing anything right in the eyes of your manager or boss, it’s a big sign that you’re not on the same page. You can absorb the criticism by asking what his or her expectations are before a project.

Will the constant stream of negative feedback continue? Then it is time to look for a job where you are appreciated.

4. You are never assigned the coolest projects

If you constantly have to do the ‘dirty jobs’ and never get offered responsibilities or other challenges again, that’s a red flag.

Of course, you can take the lead in this and indicate that you have the ambition to take on more responsibilities. Still not getting that chance? Then look for a job where you can develop further.

5. He or she doesn’t care about your well-being or personal development

Speaking of development: do you get the feeling that your boss doesn’t want the best for you? That he or she doesn’t care about your well-being or personal development?

Of course, a boss or manager always wants your performance to be in order, but a good manager also knows that you deliver the best performance when you feel good about yourself and are happy at work.

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