5 things to know about the two Nigerians newly elected in US

In the United States, several Americans of African origin were candidates in the last general elections. At least two got elected. Oye Owolewa and Esther Agbaje: five things to know about the two Nigerians newly elected to the United States

Nigeria’s Oye Owolewa, a Democrat, is first elected to the House of Representatives, sparking pride in his compatriots and triggering congratulations on social media.

The House of Representatives is one of the American legislative power organs, forming, with the Senate, the Congress in the United States.

5 things to know about the two Nigerians newly elected in US
Oye Owolewa

Five things to know about Oye Owolewa

  1. Oye Owolewa is from Kwara State, Nigeria
  2. He graduated from Northeastern University in Boston and held a PhD
  3. This is not his first time in politics; he was already engaged in political activities in 2018.
  4. He is fighting to cancel the travel deprivations imposed on some migrants.
  5. He dreams of working to make the American capital a whole state

For her part, Esther Agbaj is also a Democrat. She won the confidence of voters to serve in the Minnesota state legislature.

5 things to know about the two Nigerians newly elected in US
Esther Agbaje

Five things to know about Esther Agbaje

  1. Esther Agbaje was born in St Paul, Minnesota.
  2. His parents, John and Bunmi, came from Nigeria but met in the United States, on the sidelines of their studies.
  3. She studied law at Havard, specializing in real estate issues.
  4. She was a foreign affairs official at the US State Department. There, she managed projects on the rule of law in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and the Gulf States.
  5. She has also facilitated exchange and scholarship projects for judges, lawyers, journalists, and students between the Middle East and North Africa region and the United States.

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