50 ambassadors appointed by Omar al-Bashir sacked

The new Sudanese government does not intend to tolerate the officials of the old regime. Sackings follow one another, to the credit of a government-led purge operation. On Saturday, no less than fifty ambassadors and about sixty diplomats were replaced.

The dear wish of the Sudanese state to sweep the civil servants of the former regime from its ranks is not about to end. A committee specially set up by the authorities to work on the transition in December revoked on Saturday 50 (fifty) ambassadors, 16 of whom had been appointed by Omar al-Bashir himself and 34 others by his ministers.

The information was made public at a press conference given by one of the leaders of the operation, Mohamed al-Faki.

50 ambassadors appointed by Omar al-Bashir sacked

“Ten ministers plenipotentiary, five advisers, 18 secretaries” were also dismissed. In addition to this number, about twenty officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reserved domain of the clan of the former president, were also fired.

Given the development of the case, it would be safe to say that the present administration intends to get rid of all the people who have had links in any way with the old regime of Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.

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