6 proofs that your man is not interested in you

In a relationship with the man of your dreams, you can be blinded by the love you have for him.

Over time, the one you designate as the love of your life can change overnight, without any explanation from him.

It must be understood that love feeds to keep the flame sparkling. In this case, it is better to cut short with him so as not to make any illusion about him.

In this article, we reveal to you six proofs that your man is not the good one.

1. He never answers your SMS

Even if sometimes the train daily can be worrying, your man will always have a minute to answer your SMS. When a man is really in love, he always arranges to find time for his beloved.

If on the other hand, your darling does not take the time to answer your SMS, it is because he does not want to talk to you at all. Indeed, whatever he may be crossing, he should be able to share it with you if you really count on him.

2. He does not support you during difficult times

Being in a couple is also a commitment to help the other person in case of a glitch. If your man, during the difficult moments of your life, does not even try to listen to you, reassure you, and advise you, then he does not care.

In that case, tell yourself that he might give you up once you formalize the relationship. Do not waste your time, it’s not for you!

3. He only talks to you if you post something on social networks

If your man has not spoken to you for several days and he enjoys a publication on social networks to speak to you, it is because he does not think of you. If he takes advantage of a beautiful photo posted and harvests several comments, it is that you are like a trophy for him. You have to know the difference between a man attracted by your physique and a man in love.

4. He often forgets your birthday

All men know how much women care about their birthdays. This is the reason why men in love always remember and better, offer them gifts as far as possible. Forgetting your birthday is unforgivable, turn the page.

5. He does not want to appear with you

Most men do not want to show up with you because they have things to hide or another woman in their life. In addition, it can be taken as an excuse that if it appears with you the bad language could harm your relationship.

These are just fake pretexts that must make you tick. If you have been together for several months already, he should be able to introduce you to his friends. Otherwise, forget it, it is not for you.

6. It often cancels your head-to-head

When you are in a relationship with someone, the least you can do is to have a one-to-one with him. However, when every time you plan to see him, he cancels the appointment at the last minute, it is that your company is not pleasant for him. Often, he can make appointments with his friends as an excuse in the case you are not his priority.

Leave it before it’s too late!

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